Emmerdale Andrea death confirmed as Anna Nightingale exits soap after two years

Emmerdale star Anna Nightingale says being killed off by evil Meena Jutla on the soap was the best exit she could have wished for.

The pregnant soap actress, who plays Andrea Tate, was bumped off in dramatic fashion during Friday's episode.

Her character had previously witnessed the scheming nurse try to drown Victoria Sugden.

And with her killer secret out, Meena had only one option – to make her the next victim.

In a dramatic cat and mouse chase through a maize maze, Andrea’s attempts to call for help backfired when her flare gun set the place alight and she died in the flames.

Anna, who has been on the soap for two and a half years, said she was thrilled with the stunt – one of several on Emmerdale’s big Survival Week extravaganza.

Talking candidly in a recent press interview about her final scenes, the actress said: "What a way to go.

"The storyline they created for my exit was beyond what I expected.

Although Paige Sandhu, who plays Meena, was a villain on screen, Anna says off screen she was like an angel.

She revealed: "Paige brought me snacks, as a pregnant woman it doesn’t get much more supportive than that!

"I’ll miss everyone but next for me is some time at home with the family, some home-cooked meals, my own bed, and hopefully some sleep before the newest sleep thief arrives!"

Emmerdale fans were evidently shocked by Andrea's death and took to Twitter on Friday to share their concern.

One fan said: "F**k. Andrea's dead."

Meanwhile another penned: "Rip Andrea"

Twisted Meena has already killed once before in the village and didn't appear to be phased at all when it was time to commit another unlawful murder.

Earlier this year, the nurse threw an innocent Leanna Cavanagh off a bridge when she believed that she may be getting in the way of her relationship with David Metcalfe.

The unhinged brunette also tried her best attempts to get rid of Victoria during survival week but her plans backfired.

But with two murders securely under her belt, will any of the Emmerdale residents suspect that Meena is behind the killing of Leanna and now Andrea?

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm

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