Emmerdale Belle star Eden Taylor-Draper reveals 'epic' 50th anniversary plans

It’s a huge year for Emmerdale as the iconic show is set to celebrate a whopping 50 years on our screens and, having grown up on the show, Eden Taylor-Draper couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it.

The actress, who plays Belle Dingle in the show, has confirmed that there are ‘epic’ plans in the work after speaking to boss Jane Hudson.

And she told Metro.co.uk that she is as excited as everyone to grab the scripts, hinting that the events will be shrouded in secrecy even among cast and crew.

‘I can’t say anything,’ the star insisted. ‘It’s all very secretive because we don’t start filming that for another four or five months so the plans are still being written.

‘I’m sure it’ll be one of those situations where we might get the scripts but still won’t know what’s going to be happening.

‘I saw Jane the other day and she said it was going to be pretty epic.’

We’d expect nothing less and Eden added that she is so excited to be a part of the celebrations, adding:’ I think it’s so exciting that I’ve been here this long and I never anticipated it, but I can’t imagine being anywhere else.’

And no wonder as she is about to be thrust into some huge storylines, one of which Eden described as gritty.

She is certainly relishing the prospect, enthusing to us: ‘I think it’s lovely to have a balance.

‘When I watch any show it’s lovely to have the lighter moments then the dark moments because it makes the contrast so good.

‘I love playing gritty. I love the doom and gloom, but I love to watch light stuff. I have a good balance coming up.’

Right now, Belle is involved in a business with sneaky Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) but while he is more experienced in how things work, Eden warns that he shouldn’t underestimate her.

‘I think he might not know it yet but because Belle is a Dingle I think he might have met his match and she knows what he’s all about, she smiled.

But what about the war Al is in with Cain Dingle – could Belle be caught in the crossfire?

‘I think she’s conflicted because Cain’s a lot more involved in Belle’s life now,’ Eden mused.

‘As much as she loves her brother she knows she can’t mess with him and I think this is really testing Belle as to whether she wants to stand on her own two feet and do her own thing and go against her family.

‘At the minute I think it’s under control and she thinks she knows what she’s doing, so she’s happy to move forward with it.’

Only time will tell if she’s right!

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