Emmerdale fans disgusted by Liv Flaherty's vile insult to Chas Dingle

EMMERDALE viewers are sickened after Liv Flaherty blamed Chas Dingle for son Aaron’s abuse hell.

The alcoholic – who is played by actress Isabel Steel in the ITV soap – is out of control with her drinking and needs an intervention.

Tonight Chas locked her in the cottage and refused to let her out until she accepts help for her out of control drinking.

But Liv sank to new lows in a desperate attempt to get some booze.

Viewers know Aaron was abused by his father for years after Chas left him with him.

And tonight Liv threw it in her face.

Unable to leave, Chas refused to let Liv go to the shops to get food, so instead had her order a takeaway for their dinner.

However, instead of food, Liv ordered a giant bottle of vodka and carefully set two glasses and two cans of coke onto the table for them both.

Chas was furious with Liv for not taking her recovery seriously.

She raged: “Have you lost your mind?

“Are you determined to end up in an early grave? I’ve left my husband and my baby to come here and live with you because you’re that much in a mess.

“You’ve been hiding booze in water bottles, having random lads back here and now you’re getting vodka delivered like a lowlife.”

“I’m a lowlife?” shouted back Liv. “You left your son with a paedophile.”

Viewers were utterly sickened by Liv’s words and hit out at her on social media.

Chastity eventually responded by pouring the vodka down the sink and vowing to fight for Liv despite her vicious outburst.

Liv is far from happy about it but can she be brought back from the brink?

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