Emmerdale fans ‘fed up’ with ‘unbelievable’ Leyla storyline after ‘heart attack’

Emmerdale fans have hit out at series writers this week after branding Leyla Cavanagh's recent storyline "unbelievable" and "boring".

Despite having previously remained on the show's backburner, Leyla's character – portrayed by Roxy Shahidi – was thrown into the spotlight last year after she was shot and left for dead by the Dales' most notorious serial killing villain, Meena Jutla.

Since then, viewers have seen wedding planner Leyla spiral into a substance addiction in order to cope with the hardships she had been forced to endure in recent months.

Despite having sworn to pal Suzy Merton – played by Martelle Edinborough – that she'd attempt to stay clean, last night's instalment of the Yorkshire soap saw Leyla hit rock bottom and turn to cocaine once again.

The episode concluded with Leyla suddenly suffering what appeared to be a heart attack induced by an overconsumption of drugs, leaving viewers wondering whether she'd make it out alive.

Though it may sound like one of the popular, hard-hitting and emotive storylines that Emmerdale writers have proven time and time again that they're able to produce, Leyla's addiction has seemingly been unsuccessful at enthralling fans of the long-running ITV drama.

One viewer of the show took to Twitter last night to express their underwhelm at the controversial plot, writing: "Seriously.. what an absolutely ridiculous- unnecessary & unbelievable storyline #Leyla #Emmerdale I am indeed very disappointed."

Another questioned, "What on earth is happening to #emmerdale? Have the writers been taking Leyla's cocaine? What an unbelievable load of rubbish!", whilst a third added, "I’m still trying to work out the point of this Leyla storyline #Emmerdale'."

A fourth viewer hit out: "This Leyla drug storyline is massively misplaced and doesn't fit her character at all, I think they get young children to write the scripts #Emmerdale".

Despite this, a handful of fans have commended producers of the show for the inclusion of the drug addiction storyline.

One viewer tweeted: "This is probably the only storyline in Emmerdale that I find interesting and one which has potential to go anywhere. Addiction can creep up on anyone and it’s been made very clear why Leyla has gone from using casually to becoming addicted."

As well as claiming that the plot had "no buildup whatsoever", another justified the concept of the story, tweeting: "This Leyla storyline would have been better if it wasn't just made up as it went along to start when the Meena story ended."

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