Emmerdale fans furious as Frank’s killer Kerry returns after two months away from the village – with no explanation – The Sun

EMMERDALE fans were furious to see Kerry Wyatt return to screens after over two months away from the soap last night.

Viewers still haven't forgiven her as she was responsible for the murder of Frank Clayton and is now back on screens with no explanation given for her absence.

Kerry reappeared in her workplace at the Beauty and Bernice salon, whilst Mandy Dingle was painting Brenda Walker's nails.

She was spreading gossip to the others about Marlon Dingle, who is still seething after learning that his family withheld information that could have got him out of prison much earlier.

This is is her first appearance on the soap since 2nd January and the fans were not very happy to see her come back.

They made their feelings know on Twitter, as one raged: "Still find it amazing Kerry still can crack a smile after the involvement in frank’s death!"

Another viewer tweeted: "Ugh that trashy POS Kerry is still there then…"

A third user commented: "Kerry and Amy NEED to be punished for theft and manslaughter. We cannot show on National TV you are able to get away with murder."

"Oh, Kerry the killer is back in town," another fan remarked.

The Geordie landed herself in hot water last year when she and daughter Amy accidentally started a fire which caused Frank's death.

Along with her daughter Amy, the pair accidentally started the blaze when they broke into the safe and stole the money from Bernice Blackstock’s fundraiser which they were using to help Amy pay off a debt to an old acquaintance in Belfast.

They also went back in the factory, this time to erase the CCTV that showed their crime, which is when the fire accidentally started.

Brave Frank selflessly entered the burning building and freed his daughter Tracy from a store room where she was waiting to surprise then-boyfriend Billy.

As he emerged from the smoke and flames, Frank died after large explosion propelled him viciously into the side of a van and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Emmerdale, along with fellow ITV soap Corrie, will be reducing the number of episodes they air per week amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The two soaps have vowed to keep filming though despite Government advice instructed people to remain at home and social distance.

Coronation Street will be dropping three episodes per week – all of its 8.30pm episodes have been axed – while Emmerdale will be losing the second Thursday episode that usually airs at 8pm.

Emmerdale will now air weeknights at 7pm while Corrie will follow at 7.30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

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