Emmerdale fans in tears as Victoria Sugden is left devastated by David Metcalfe bombshell

EMMERDALE viewers are in tears after Victoria Sugden was rejected by David Metcalfe.

The chef – who is played by actress Isabel Hodgins in the ITV soap – decided to confess her feelings towards David, sure that he felt the same way.

However after his son Jacob raged at him for not committing to current girlfriend – secret serial killer Meena Jutla – David opted to put his son’s feelings first.

And he devastated Victoria in the process. 

Visiting him in the hospital Victoria confessed her feelings.

She said: “I’m just going to say this. I have spent my whole life looking for someone who was right in front of me the whole time. 

“David, you are the loveliest, funniest, stupidest, most beautiful person that I have had the pleasure of watching every episode of Peppa Pig with. 

“Nearly losing you the other day made me realise how much I need you in my life. I love you, David.”

However David told her: “I can’t say it back. You’re one of my best friends – that’s it. 

“I’m staying with Meena. I don’t feel the same about you. Please don’t make this any harder than it is.”

Victoria begged him to admit he had feelings for her, but David refused – and instead insisted he was going to stay with Meena.

“I don’t love you,” he said. 

She ran outside and began sobbing in the corridor, totally devastated.

Viewers were heartbroken for Victoria.

One wrote: "Poor vic… she threw it all in there… wot a twit."

A second said: "Oh! To be young and it love. It must hurt so bad #emmerdale."

Another simply added: "Poor Victoria!"

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