Emmerdale killer Meenas next victim exposed, Victoria danger and corpse horror

Emmerdale fans best brace themselves for what lies ahead, as Emmerdale spoilers reveal viewers are certainly in for a shocker.

After realising that Victoria Sugden has her eyes on David Metcalfe, Meena Jutla gets frustrated and wants the farmer's daughter to keep her hands off her man.

But Meena is in for a shock when she realises that David actually has feelings for Victoria too.

With the startling information at hand, Meena plots another murder.

Elsewhere Will Taylor is in a rather sticky situation when he fears that the body he buried will soon be discovered.

Feeling the pressure, Will tells Kim Tate why he's so worried, but will Kim keep Will's secret?

Victoria becomes Meena's next victim

As Emmerdale fans already know, Meena won't stop until she gets her own way and the next week the murderer reaches boiling point.

Victoria is left hurt and confused when Meena tells her David wants her to stay away from him.

But Victoria is not convinced that David would say such a thing and she becomes eager to get to the bottom of what’s going on with Meena and David's relationship.

Playing detective, Victoria quietly slips into Farrers barn but is left feeling confused to see David’s bed empty.

All of a sudden, Victoria becomes panicked quite quickly when she hears someone entering the through the door.

Trying to think on her feet, Victoria tries to hide in David's home but is caught but Meena.

As they begin to exchange words, Meena starts unbuttoning Victoria's blouse for David, leaving her exposed.

When David returns he is fuming and tells her not to come back until she’s sorted herself out.

Despite his abrupt aggression, later that week, when everyone starts to turn up at the base camp for the survival challenge, David confesses his love to Victoria.

As the pair walk away, viewers will learn that Meena has heard every word of their secret conversation.

Angered and frustrated, Meena begins to figure a way t finally get rid of Victoria, for good.

Corpse exposed

Kim Tate agrees to let Priya Sharma and Ellis Chapman move their base camp for the survival event to the site where Malone is buried.

But this leaves Will Taylor very shaken and fearing that the body will soon be discovered.

Due to his weird demeanour eagle-eyed Kim thinks Will is definitely hiding something and she becomes determined to find out the truth.

Feeling the pressure, Will eventually comes clean and reveals the reason why he’s nervous about the original base camp site is purely because that’s where he buried "the body".

Hearing Will's terrifying news, Kim is shocked but can Will trust Kim to keep his sordid secret?

Later on in the week, Will prepares to flee Emmerdale. Meanwhile, Kim, who is still surprised by Will's news comes to a decision about what to do with him and heads out with purpose to put her decision into action.

Viewers will just have to wait and see what Kim decides to do next.

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