Emmerdale revenge as jealous Kim Tate orders Bernice Blackstock to be killed?

Emmerdale: Aaron Dingle gets emotional as he leaves village

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Kim Tate (played by Claire King) has been involved in an on-off romance with Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) but her decision to leave Emmerdale to clear her head has left him getting closer with Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles). Will is set to find himself caught between the two women in upcoming scenes. If Kim discovers Bernice is after Will too, will the jealous businesswoman order Bernice to be killed? 

Kim made an explosive return to Emmerdale on Wednesday night after leaving the village to see whether she could commit to Will. 

While Kim’s been out of town, Will has been in close quarters with Bernice who has taken a shining to the friendly ITV soap character. 

During Wednesday’s instalment of Emmerdale, Bernice called Will to ask if he could come over and fix her broken kettle. 

As she waited for him to arrive she put on some red lipstick and muttered to herself about Kim Tate being a “selfish snob”. 

The barmaid dressed herself up in one of Kim’s extravagant fur coats and black designer dresses and then heard a knock at the door expecting it to be Will. 

But she is left mortified when Kim walked through the door before the businesswoman said: “Quite the nack you’ve got of making a designer dress look so – let’s settle for High Street. Why are you wearing my dress and my bracelet?”

An embarrassed Bernice then explained: “I’ve got a date later you see.” 

“So you decided to do a spot of shopping in my wardrobe?” Kim replied, looking very unimpressed. 

Bernice then told Kim that her clothes were not nearly as nice as hers, to which Kim quipped: “It’s called having taste and having an aversion to polyester.” 

Bernice said with her tail between her legs: “I’m really sorry, I didn’t think you’d mind.” 

While Kim continued to hold Bernice to account for stealing her clothes Will walked through the front door ready to fix the kettle and was stunned to see Kim. 

Kim cruelly asked Bernice to return her dress as it wasn’t a colour that she could pull off, telling her the black dress “drained her shockingly”. 

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Standing up for herself in front of Will, Bernice replied: “Well there’s no need to be unkind.” 

Will agreed and scolded Kim before telling her that Bernice didn’t mean any harm by dressing up in her clothing.

However, Kim replied: “The truth be told, I couldn’t care less about the dress, I am far more interested in hearing if you’ve missed me.” 

Will didn’t say much at first and told Kim he was a bit taken aback as he didn’t know if she was ever coming back to the village. 

Kim added: “Hopefully you’ll be pleased to hear I used my time away to get my head together, meaning once I forced myself to face up to my failings I realised I didn’t like it – not having you around. You’re not the easiest man to get out of your system.” 

Kim, who is usually fearless, told Will she was scared of losing him and assured him she was “back for good this time”. 

While Will agreed to give their relationship another try, it looks as though he has feelings for Bernice too. 

If Kim finds out Bernice is after Will’s affection, will she order to have her killed so she can’t interfere with her relationship?

Emmerdale continues weeknights on ITV at 7pm. 

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