Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn Taylor sickened as she finds Harriet Finch sleeping with her evil dad Will

A BIG day for Dawn Taylor will be ruined in Emmerdale next week when she= finds out vicar Harriet Finch has been sleeping with Will – the man who tried to kill her.

As the weeks kicks off, Dawn – played by Olivia Bromley in the ITV soap – is excited as she’s due to see her little son Lucas for the first time in months.

When the day arrives she dresses smartly, ready to see him but it’s not long before she’s put on edge when Harriet broaches the subject of Will, Dawn’s dad.

Later the social worker introduces an anxious Dawn to Lucas. She’s so transfixed by her little boy that she doesn’t even mind that he initially ignores her.

But as he continues to do so, she ends up leaving, feeling humiliated.

The social worker tries her best to reassure Dawn that Lucas’ behaviour is perfectly normal in situations like this, but Dawn isn’t having any of it.

Meanwhile, over at Woodbine, Harriet – Katherine Dow Blyton – invites Will in and asks him to help her with the washing up. What man could resist an offer like that?

It’s soon obvious that there’s a lot more than dirty dishes in the air.

When Dawn arrives at the factory, she’s angered to find Laurel Thomas all over Jai Sharma – who Harriet is meant to be seeing.

Laurel tries to explain to a furious Dawn that Jai was never really with Harriet, confirming Dawn’s suspicions. She angrily heads over to Woodbine and accuses Harriet of sleeping with Will.

So how will she react when he steps into the room?

Could Harriet and Will’s betrayal, along with Lucas’ rejection push vulnerable Dawn over the edge and back into drugs?

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