Emmerdale spoilers – Star reveals MAJOR Woolpack plot in 'reckless' set selfie; plus EastEnders & Coronation Street news

EMMERDALE newcomer Ben Richards has accidentally revealed the fate of the Woolpack pub in a selfie from set.

The actor – who will play villain Gavin connected to Al Chapman in the ITV soap – posed for a selfie with co-star Michael Wildman.

But in the background fans could clearly see the remnants of the burned out pub surrounded by security fencing.

It will be burnt out in a dramatic Christmas storyline, claims the Metro.

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    Ben Tucker and Meena Jutla showdown

    EMMERDALE will be swarmed with police next week in the aftermath of Meena Jutla’s fight with Ben Tucker.

    Later this week Meena is left for dead after Ben discovers her secrets – and clashes with her.

    At the centre of the unfolding drama is Ben Tucker who is still trying to clear his name regarding the bridge collapse.

    The fallout from the survival challenge disaster is still a dark cloud hanging over him and affecting his ability to get more work.

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    Hollyoaks Will Mellor reveals his pride as rarely seen son lands modelling deal

    WILL Mellor has shared his pride after his teenage son Jayden landed a modelling deal.

    The Hollyoaks and Coronation Street star took to Instagram to praise the 17 year old on his exciting news today.

    Will – who most recently played villain Harvey Gaskell in Corrie – shared a photo of a smiling Jayden showing off his model looks.

    The 45 year old wrote over the sweet snap: "So chuffed my son has signed with @wilanoagency to start his modelling career !!"

    The celeb lives with his wife Michelle McSween and their kids Renee, 13, and Jayden, 17, in a plush Cheshire home.

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      Danny Dyer tells Dani to propose to West Ham footballer Jarrod Bowen

      Danny Dyer wants daughter Dani to propose to her West Ham ace boyfriend Jarrod Bowen.

      In their latest episode of podcast Sorted with the Dyers, the father daughter duo discussed marriage.

      Dani, who was recently pictured out with Jarrod, 24, for the first time, loves the idea of becoming a married woman once she's sure she's found the one.

      She said: “I believe in marriage. I really do.”

      The actor said his parents' troubled relationship might have prevented him from tying the knot sooner.

      He said: "Do what my lovely missus did – she proposed to me. Propose to him, why the f*** haven’t you?”

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      Dominic Power’s soap career

      Dominic is well known for his three years as Emmerdale‘s resident killer Cameron.

      He previously teased how the character would become the soap world’s “biggest villain” after cheating on girlfriend Chas with her niece Debbie.

      Yet he took things to the next, dark, level when he killed Carl King and Alex Moss before slaying Gennie Walker when she found out about him murdering Carl.

      The Kent-born actor has also played the role of Leon Taylor on The Bill and recently starred in ITV drama Unforgiven.

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      Fans shocked at Janine Butcher’s age

      EASTENDERS fans were left open-mouthed as the BBC One soap FINALLY confirmed the age of Janine Butcher this week.

      Viewers were shocked as the character – played by actress Charlie Brooks – revealed she was 38 years old on Monday night.

      During a frosty exchanging with Peter and Bobby Beale as they discussed the upcoming Christmas tree event, Janine let loose on the information.

      Fans were shocked by her real age and flocked to social media to share their thoughts on the surprising news.

      “Janine is younger than I thought,” one wrote to Twitter, as someone else chimed in: “I actually thought Janine was in her 40s.”

      A third fan looked into her age further and added that the scriptwriters may have actually aged the character by a year accidentally.

      “So they have aged up Janine on her return,” they wrote. “She started secondary school with Sonia, Martin and Clare in 1996, so should be 36-37 now, not 38.”

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      Race probe on set

      EMMERDALE has been rocked by a race probe involving two of the ITV soap’s leading stars. Matthew Wolfenden, known to millions of viewers as David Metcalfe, has been absent from filming following a complaint an inappropriate comment was made to a female mixed-race cast member.

      He and co-star Isabel Hodgins, who plays Victoria Sugden in the show, are also facing claims that the actress’s accent was mimicked. Matthew, 41, and Isabel, 27, both categorically deny all the allegations and are said to believe that there had been a misunderstanding.

      Following the incident Matthew is also alleged to have rowed with co-star Aaron Anthony.

      Although Matthew and Isabel have not been formally suspended by ITV bosses, neither has filmed scenes for the popular Dales soap since September while enquiries up … previous story in Sun on Sunday continue. A source said last night: “It is common knowledge on set that Matthew and Isabel are not filming at the moment following a complaint.

    • Louis Allwood

      Soap switch up

      SARAH Jayne Dunn has revealed she wants a job on Coronation Street after being axed from Hollyoaks over her sexy pictures.

      The 40-year-old was sacked from her £120k role on the Channel 4 soap after joining OnlyFans, with bosses saying her raunchy online content is at odds with the show’s young audience.

      The glam mum has enjoyed six separate stints on the teen-focussed soap as Mandy Richardson – one of the show’s biggest characters – most recently reprising her role in 2017.

      But she’s now eyeing up a slot on a rival soap, telling the Daily Star:  “I love Corrie.

      “I’m a Northern girl and Coronation Street has always been up there as something I’d love to be part of so that would be great.”

      She added: “I’ve had other opportunities and doors open since all of this so maybe for now my path is slightly different but I’m happy to see where it takes me for now.”

    • Louis Allwood

      Why are Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson not in the castle yet?

      The soap legends, known for portraying Ian Beale and Steve MacDonald respectively on the box, have not addressed rumours of their arrival.

      They were, however, not announced as part of the initial ten celebrities to enter the I'm A Celebrity castle in Wales.

      Their whereabouts or the reason for their absence have yet to be disclosed.

      This has left viewers frustrated, begging production to let Adam and Simon join the show.

      "I'm still waiting for Steve MacDonald and Ian Beale", an impatient Twitter user commented on Monday, November 24, 2021.

    • Louis Allwood

      When are Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson going into the castle?

      Both Corrie's Simon and EastEnders star Andy missed out on the I'm A Celebrity 2021 launch, on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

      This has led fans of the programme to speculate and predict a line-up twist.

      Latecomers have been frequent on the show.

      In 2019 another Coronation Street star Andy Whyment and EastEnders actor Cliff Parisi entered the I'm A Celebrity Jungle together, when the show was well under way.

      The same scenario occurred in 2020 with Ruthie Henshall and Russell Watson.

      ITV bosses are staying tight-lipped about any late arrivals in I'm A Celebrity 2021.

      The possibility is still in the cards, however, as late arrivals have taken place after a few days of the series starting.

    • Louis Allwood

      Emmerdale fans convinced Billy Fletcher will be KILLED

      Fans are convinced they have worked out how Billy Fletcher will be KILLED as the Woolpack fire plot kicks off.

      It comes as serial killer Meena Jutla seems set on taking the life of another victim, with Chas dropping a huge hint about the Woolpack's involvement on Monday.

      Discussing the pub's relaunch – focusing on Al's new business strategies – Chas revealed that if things don't improve they "may as well set fire to the place".

      Fans are convinced that the Woolpack will be set on fire by Al as part of a revenge scheme directed at Chas – with Billy being caught up in the flames.

      But Al won't be the one to murder Billy, with viewers sure that it will be Meena that ensures the Tall Trees resident dies in the fire.

      "No doubt Meena will kill Billy in another jealous rage, then dispose of him in the Woolpack fire – thereby letting Al think he's killed his son," one fan speculated.

    • Louis Allwood

      Has Gray Atkins finally met his match?

      Viewers are hoping that Chelsea will be the one to bring the murderer down after spotting she may be "playing a game" in the latest episode of the soap.

      Over the past few weeks, killer Gray has been pretending to fiancee Chelsea and many of his friends that he was still working for a big law firm in the city.

      But viewers were aware it was all a ruse as he actually had been fired weeks ago and was working in a greasy burger joint to make ends meet.

      On Tuesday night, pregnant Chelsea decided to confront the murderer after she was told by pal Whitney Dean that something seemed off.

      Gray came clean and confessed that he had lost his job and revealed he had been flipping burgers instead – not wanting to tell her about his job loss.

      Much to the surprise of viewers, Chelsea's reaction was calm and collected as she reassured him she was happy he was trying to make money for their family.

      It led fans to believe that she could be "playing a game" and therefore, in upcoming episodes, will be the one to finally "take him down".

      "Chelsea's reaction tells me she is playing Gray because someone's who all about the money would not have be so rational," one fan penned to Twitter.

    • Louis Allwood

      ITV teased an explosive Christmas in the village. 

      The soap teased: “It’s the season of good will, but the underhanded Al Chapman goes sparing on dishing out any joy, particularly when he is feeling under so much pressure.

      “Will Al find a solution for his financial problems or could his world collapse?

      “The seasonal cheer will give some villagers the confidence to make life-changing decisions and fresh starts with their lives."

    • Louis Allwood

      Emmerdale star accidentally reveals major Woolpack plot

      Ben Richards has accidentally revealed the fate of the Woolpack pub in a selfie from set.

      The actor – who will play villain Gavin connected to Al Chapman in the ITV soap – posed for a selfie with co-star Michael Wildman.

      But in the background fans could clearly see the remnants of the burned out pub surrounded by security fencing.

      It will be burnt out in a dramatic Christmas storyline, claims the Metro.

      The Sun exclusively revealed how actor Ben has joined the cast as Gavin, an associate of Al Chapman.

      Viewers know Al is desperate to destroy the business so he can sell it and develop it into luxury apartments.

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      Danny Miller opens up (Continued…)

      “There were loads of things that happened in my life that are far too deep to go into. But it makes you think. Of course  I was depressed. I was a young lad in a television programme who ignored all the personal stuff that was going on, like your first proper heartbreak with your first proper girlfriend, it’s awful.

      “What I know from my small life experience that I’ve had from leaving school to now, is that there are so many things out there that make you angry or make you hate life.

      "But for me, I was always thinking I was just going to deal with the problem head on and whatever comes out of it comes out of it, but the depression and anxiety of things was making me go: ‘I’m not dealing with this well because I don't know what I'm doing and I don’t know who I am.’"

      Danny went on to say depression runs in his family and his loved ones begged him to go on medication.

      He added: "Being a bloke, I didn’t need that. I got there and the doctor asked me three or four questions about anxiety and depression on a questionnaire. I got halfway through it and he went 'are they were honest answers and I said 'yeah'.

      "He said don’t even bother with that test, you need help and he did, he gave me help. It took about six or seven weeks and I was like 'these pills are b****ks man'. Eight weeks in and I was like OK, I'm starting to feel like I want to go out again."

    • Louis Allwood

      Danny Miller opens up

      DANNY Miller has opened up about overcoming crippling anxiety and depression.

      The I’m A Celeb star, 30, said that at its worst he suffered from panic attacks on the set of Emmerdale.

      And he eventually decided to see a doctor who prescribed him medication to help get things back on track.

      Opening up bravely about his ordeal in a bid to explain why it’s important for men to seek help he said: “What I do now if I’m anxious, I tell people. The more you’re open and the more you’re honest people go ‘what are you anxious about? You’re fine it’s ok’ and then you go ‘yeah it’s ok.”

      New dad Danny, who is emerging as one of the favourites to triumph on the ITV1 show, talked in candid detail about overcoming his past troubles in a chat on the Ask Ross podcast.

      He said: “Sometimes I would be on set and just break out in sweat and then it makes you even more anxious to the point where it puts you towards a panic attack.”

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      Emmerdale stars life behind the cameras

      Marlon Dingle has been a firm favourite among fans since he first appeared in the ITV soap in 1996.

      Viewers have watched him grow up – becoming a chef at the Woolpack and a father of two to April and Leo.

      Marlon has been at the centre of a range of dramatic storylines over the years – from a stint in prison to the death fo his ex-wife Donna Windsor.

      But while his life on-screen is often chaotic and dramatic, actor Mark Charnock has a much more peaceful time in his life away from the cameras.

      From a close bond with many of his co-stars to keeping his private life under wraps, things are much more ordinary for Mark, 53.

      The star enjoys a close bond with some of his fellow Emmerdale actors, and before the coronavirus pandemic was regularly pictured with them.

      On social media, Mark often shared snaps from behind-the-scenes of the soap, including one picture with pal Gemma Atkinson.

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      Corrie wins best soap

      The long-running drama picked up seven awards, at the Inside Soap Awards including best actor, best actress, best newcomer and funniest performance, beating off rivals Emmerdale and EastEnders.

      The show also picked up the best storyline award for its “hate crime” plot involving characters Seb and Nina, who are attacked due to Nina’s alternative identity, and the ripple effect on their family and community.

      Corrie stalwart David Neilson, who has starred in the show as Roy Cropper since 1995, was named best actor and Sally Carman, who plays Abi Webster, won best actress.

      Best newcomer was given to Jude Riordan, who plays Sam Blakeman, and Dame Maureen Lipman was recognised for funniest performance.

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      EastEnders star set to make a killing on Cameo

      EastEnder MAISIE SMITH is set to rake in thousands by offering to promote businesses online.

      The TV favourite, who filmed her final scenes on the BBC soap last month after 13 years playing Tiffany Butcher, is now charging firms £694 to film content on celebrity video-sharing service Cameo.

      In an introductory clip, Maisie says: “Just let me know if you want a video. I’m your girl.”

      The Strictly star is also offering fans the chance to purchase greeting messages for £95 a pop.

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      Corrie's history

      From the moment Coronation Street first aired live on December 9, 1960, millions since have been gripped by the ups and downs of Weatherfield’s residents.

      Its early days portrayed a ­realistic kitchen-sink drama showing the ordinary day-to-day lives of working-class northerners, and the show was considered ground-breaking.

      It is the second longest running soap opera in the UK after The Archers.

      But not everyone liked it. One early critic wrote: “The ­programme is doomed from the outset . . . with its dreary signature tune and grim scenes of a row of terraced houses.”

      Over sixty years on and the signature tune and terraced houses are still there.

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      Who is Emmerdale’s Danny Miller?

      30-year-old Danny Miller was born on January 2, 1991 and is an English actor.

      He is of course known for playing Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale, for which he has won three British Soap Awards for Best Actor.

      Danny made his television debut when he played Kyle Brown in the BBC kids show Grange Hill.

      In April 2014 the actor played William in the BBC production of Jamaica Inn.

      Danny also joined the cast of Scott & Bailey, in late 2013, as series regular Rob Waddington.

      On November 16, 2021 The Sun revealed how Danny had quit Emmerdale after 13 years.

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      EastEnders spoilers: Keegan Baker demands a divorce

      EastEnders' furious Keegan Baker demands a divorce from Tiffany Butcher after she shares a racist post on social media.

      The couple have been enduring a rocky patch in their relationship for weeks, with Keegan even quitting Walford for a new life with brother Keanu.

      It came after Tiffany (Maisie Smith) was left reeling from Keegan’s (Zack Morris) indiscretion with her half-cousin Dotty – yet things are set to take another turn for the worse in upcoming EastEnders scenes.

      Tiffany comes across Keegan on a date with Anna at the Queen Vic as she steps out for a drink with Aaron.

      Anna picks up on vibes between Keegan and Tiff and calls time on their night out.

      Yet after a chat with Mick, Keegan has a change of heart and meets Tiff to request a divorce.

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      Emmerdale spoilers: Billy Fletcher puts Dawn Taylor in danger (Continued…)

      Taking her corner, Billy makes an impassioned speech arguing the case for why she did what she did – which included burying Malone's body in the churchyard.

      This led Dawn to lean in for a kiss, which Billy initially reciprocates.

      Yet to her dismay he then pulls away, leaving her humilated.

      Dawn retreats into her shell and refuses to take Billy's calls while he heads to Tall Trees cottage with Meena.

      Yet realising his mind is still firmly on his ex, he makes the decision to come clean to Dawn and insist she hears what he has to say.

      Billy tells her he wants to be with her but wants reassurance she feels the same after their messy past.

      Yet where does this leave Meena – and will she take her fury out on Dawn?

    • Louis Allwood

      Emmerdale spoilers: Billy Fletcher puts Dawn Taylor in danger

      Billy Fletcher's messy love triangle is set to put ex Dawn Taylor in danger as he makes a major decision about love interest Meena Jutla.

      Spoilers for the ITV soap reveal Jessie Dingle's son, played by Jay Kontzle, will be on-hand to comfort his former lover and mum of one after she confessed to killing Malone.

      Viewers know that Dawn shot Malone three times in self defence after he tried to force her to take her own life by overdosing on heroin. 

      Yet now, an emotional Dawn breaks down as she insists she is a monster for killing him.

    • Louis Allwood

      Coronation Street spoilers: Curtis Delamere’s dead dad Neville turns up

      Coronation Street's bride-to-be Emma Brooker is in for a shock when Curtis Delamere's 'dead' dad arrives on the cobbles.

      The medical student, who suffers from an incurable heart condition and recently dropped out of his studies, previously told fiance Emma his father had passed away.

      So understandably, Steve McDonald's daughter is left completely gobsmacked when a man called Neville, introducing himself as Curtis' old man, arrives in Weatherfield.

      Corrie spoilers show Curtis, played by Sam Retford, trying to brush off the misunderstanding and falsely claim Neville, played by Mark Cameron, is his step-dad.

      For his part, despite being pained to realise Curtis has lied, Neville goes along with the deception.

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