Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy left devastated after awkward run-in with ex David and his new girlfriend at the Woolpack

Tracy's enjoying a drink in the Woolpack with her sister Vanessa and dad Frank when David walks in with his new girlfriend Maya.

As they stood at the bar, Rodney hints that David and Maya should go and drink somewhere else – but he refuses.

The shop assistant – who's played by actress Amy Walsh – then walks over to David to try and have a quiet word away from Maya, but he says he has nothing more to say to Tracy.

She's left upset by the snub, and tearfully returns to her table to be with her family.

Last week, Tracy told her dad that she's six weeks pregnant with David's baby.

However, fans spotted two major blunders with the announcement.

The first issue was that David previously said the chemo from his testicular cancer battle meant that he was infertile; the second issue was the dates.

Tracy and David slept together four weeks ago after months of separation – so how could she be SIX weeks pregnant with his baby?

One confused viewer asked: "How can Tracy be SIX weeks pregnant when she only had sex with David a fortnight ago? #emmerdale"

Another asked: "Maybe my math is wrong but how is Tracy six weeks pregnant (STOP THIS INFERNAL MADNESS!!!) when they slept together less than a month ago hmmm?

"Are weekends being considered a week or something. All hail lunacy and stupidity for plot. #Emmerdale"

Meanwhile Dr Cavanagh broke the law by telling David about the pregnancy and Tracy's plans for a termination out of revenge for discovering David slept with his own wife Maya.

David rushed over to Tracy to tell her the pregnancy was a blessing.

"This is the best thing that could have ever happened to us, please don't do anything stupid," he gushed at her.

"Just hear me out please. I didn't think this could ever happen after the chemo, I'd given up hope.

"We should have never split up, we should be together. This is a miracle, it's a sign."

However, Tracy told him that she had already seen a specialist and that they had no future together.

"I had a termination, this afternoon," she told him, leaving a heartbroken David walking off devastated.

Later speaking to her dad, Tracy told him: "You're wondering if I regret it? But no, not at all.

"Everything he just said is exactly why I had to do this."

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