Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy Metcalfe in horror car crash as Cain cuts her brakes as she’s rushed to hospital in labour

TRACY Metcalfe’s life will be left hanging in the balance when Pollard crashes his car rushing her to hospital when she goes into labour next week in Emmerdale.

Cain will cut the brakes on Pollard's car to teach Mackenzie – who’s stealing vehicles from his garage – a lesson.

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Viewers will see Kim enlist Mack’s help to steal more cars from the garage as she continues on her mission to destroy Cain.

Aaron is immediately suspicious when he sees Mackenzie hanging around the garage later and when Cain finds two more cars missing, everything clicks into place. 

When Pollard books in his car for a service, Kim calls Mackenzie and orders him to steal it.

But Cain tampers with the brakes of the car to teach Mackenzie a lesson when he tries to steal it.

Cain’s actions backfire terribly, however, when Tracy announces she’s going into labour and Pollard rushes to get his car from the garage.

Dan thinks that Mackenzie has stolen the car – and that everything is going swimmingly.

But Cain is shocked when he sees Mackenzie stalking the village and realises he’s not behind the wheel of Pollard’s car. 

Meanwhile, viewers will see Tracy scream as the brakes fail in Pollard’s car and the pair brace themselves for impact. 

Will they survive or might Cain have blood on his hands?

Viewers know that Kim is hellbent on making Cain pay after he tried to get Jamie arrested for drink-driving as revenge for Moira’s hit-and-run.

Kim then made an alliance with Mackenzie and offered to pay him to cause as much trouble for Cain as possible.

Recent scenes saw Mackenzie attempt to damage Cain’s business as he broke into the garage and stole a car while Dan was on his lunch break.

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