Emmerdale’s Amy could destroy Meena after ‘figuring’ her out

Emmerdale viewers will know that Meena (Paige Sandhu) is currently on a murderous rampage in the village, having already claimed two victims.

But it seems the psychotic killer’s reign of terror could soon be coming to a close, as Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) might well be on to her.

In dramatic scenes that air next week, Amy is shocked to see Meena has trashed her and Victoria's (Isabel Hodgins) flat when her anger about Victoria's romance with David (Matthew Wolfenden) bubbles to the surface.

Opening up about the pair’s confrontation, actress Natalie Ann Jamieson has revealed it sparks some suspicion in Amy about who Meena really is and what she's capable of.

In an interview with Metro, Natalie said: “Amy is not taken in at all, she has Meena figured.”

Continuing to explain that although she doesn’t know the specific lengths Meena has gone to, Amy has started to wonder whether there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Natalie added: “She has been in a few situations where she is like, ‘what is going on with this woman?!’ She has definitely noticed the oddities and the lies.”

Speaking about how she’d feel if she were to expose Meena’s crimes and destroy her, Natalie went on to say she’d be more than up for the challenge.

The soap star said: “It would be amazing to get her – everyone would want to be the one to take her down!”

“I think Amy could be a match for her, she wouldn’t go full psycho like Meena but she could give her a good run for her money.”

However, Natalie isn’t the only Emmerdale star to hint that they’d like to be the one to take on Meena in the future.

In a recent interview with Inside Soap magazine, actress Lisa Riley, who plays Mandy Dingle, said she’d like to see her character have “Meena-flakes for breakfast!”

She continued to say: “I’ve only done two scenes with Paige and she’s amazing. But there’s no problem at all there for Mandy – she’d get the cricket bat out! She is completely safe, don’t worry."

Elsewhere, Jonny McPherson, who plays Meena’s murder victim Leanna’s dad Liam, said Liam could be the one to put a stop to Meena’s schemes.

Opening up about the lengths Liam would go to to get justice for his daughter if the truth was exposed, Jonny explained: “I just think the red mist will descend, definitely.”

The actor added: “I think it would take an intervention of some sort for him to not want to just destroy her.”

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