Emmerdale's Cain Dingle tries to groom his own son Kyle to be afraid of Nate

EMMERDALE'S Cain Dingle goes to desperate measures to try and rid the village of Nate as he tries to groom his own son Kyle to be afraid of him.

Cain’s long-lost son Nate has been causing trouble since his arrival to the Dales and it isn't about to stop anytime soon.

Emmerdale fans know that Nate quickly became a lothario in the Dales when he arrived earlier this year, starting a steamy affair with Moira after getting a job on the farm.

And when Cain discovered his wife’s affair with her employee he arranged a fishing trip for the three of them – confronting the cheating pair in explosive fashion.

It went far from swimmingly though, as the hunky farm hand revealed he was Cain's son during a vicious fight.

Fans were left stunned by the bombshell – before the sail swung round and sent Moira flying into the water with the boat also blowing up.

Thanks to Cain, Nate managed to survive the blow but to this day won't leave him or Moira alone.

In upcoming scenes, Cain steps things up a notch to try and turn his nearest and dearest against his long-lost son.

Meanwhile, Amy is left confused when Cain asks her to try and groom Kyle to be scared of Nate.

Nate is furious when he gets wind of this, and starts searching for Cain.

After a dramatic confrontation between the warring pair, Sam’s left contemplating something Nate says about family.

Later, Chas tells Cain that he needs to stop being a scrooge and come to Lydia’s Dingle gathering.

But when Cain arrives to see Nate there, he tells the Dingles to go to hell as he storms out.

Later, a scheming Charity invites Nate to dinner as a way of riling Cain – will he blow?

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