Emmerdale’s Manpreet and Charles’ secret history to be exposed in huge twist

Emmerdale's Manpreet Sharma is set to be gobsmacked as she meets vicar Charles Anderson, who she's seemingly crossed paths with before.

Fans can expect more jaw-dropping drama next week as Emmerdale spoilers have revealed Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) will come face to face with her past.

Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) will be stunned as he catches sight of Manpreet, who is equally is surprised to see him.

The pair will see each other in the village, and they are both clearly thrown by the unexpected encounter.

Up at The Hide, Manpreet casually asks Rishi about Charles.

Viewers will watch her panic start to rise as she hears Charles is the new vicar and lodging with Rhona.

Manpreet wants to find the new vicar, but needs to get Rishi out of the way.

She fakes an illness and rushes off, leaving her husband perplexed.

Later, fans will see Charles back at the church, shaken by his encounter with Manpreet.

She will suddenly show up to see him, and sensing a tense atmosphere, Harriet quickly leaves them alone to talk.

Charles addresses a guilty Manpreet as Saira, and reveals to her he thought she was dead.

Her past has clearly come back to haunt her, but what is Charles and Manpreet's secret history?

It can't be good, as Manpreet begs Charles to keep quiet about their past.

Elsewhere next week, a troubled Luke once again tells Ethan he isn't gay and overcompensates with his affections for Victoria.

Devastated Dawn gets an upsetting call to say Lucas doesn't want to come home after social services took him away.

Moira tries to get Mack to take Kim's threats seriously and tells him the only way to fight her is if they are united.

Debbie worries Sarah is seeing Danny again and Charity makes a call to help. Jimmy’s stunned when Carl’s mother, Juliette, turns up out of the blue.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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