Emmerdale’s Meena Jutla caught out by Chas Dingle after trophy theft exposed?

Emmerdale: Meena slips up under police questioning

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Meena Jutla (played by Paige Sandra) is starting to raise suspicions in Emmerdale, and she could be caught red-handed sooner than she thinks. In recent weeks, ITV viewers have seen Meena’s manipulative behaviour get even worse. Her murderous ways seem to be sparked by jealousy, especially when it comes to her boyfriend, David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden). Meena has seen David and Victoria Sugden’s (Isabel Hodgins) getting even closer, and she cannot stand it. However, Meena’s mask is starting to slip, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter).

On Tuesday night’s double episode, Meena set her sights on Victoria once again and decided to steal Amy Wyatt’s (Natalie Ann Jamieson) keys.

Meena decided to break into Victoria and Amy’s house to mess with her rival’s head.

However, the nurse’s plan almost fell apart when Victoria unexpectantly popped home.

Meena tried to hide, although she grabbed Victoria’s paperweight from the side, ready to use as a weapon if she needed to.

When she thought the coast was clear, Victoria came back into the house and heard Meena’s phone buzz.

When the villain’s phone buzzed again, Victoria knew someone was there and threatened to call the police as she shut the front door.

The nurse is clearly unphased by almost getting caught and she casually strolled out the back door, with the paperweight in her bag.

It is not the first time the nurse has stolen something from Victoria, as she recently took her son Harry’s teddy bear when David was babysitting him.

When she killed Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger), she stole her ring which she now wears as a trophy around her neck.

After she left Victoria’s, Meena bumped into her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) who explained her daughter Aiesha Richards (Shila Iqbal) had been taken into hospital in Ibiza and is in critical condition.

Manpreet begged for her sister to go to Ibiza with her, but Meena just gave her the simple excuse of: “I can’t.” 

Later on, Meena is sat with David in the pub, while Victoria is sat speaking to a police officer.

When the copper tried to question Meena on her whereabouts, she tried to change the subject by telling them her niece might die.

“You’re just the person,” the police officer said. “You were in the village today?”

In an attempt to deflect the question, Meena replied in a panic: “Me?”

Turning to David she continued: “David, Aiesha has been in an accident and she might die in Ibiza.”

As the officer tried to ask Meena again, the nurse instantly jumped to conclusions and said: “Do I look like a burglar?”

Victoria instantly became suspicious as she knew she never told Meena why the police officer was there.

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“How do you know about that? That I thought someone was in the house?” Victoria probed.

“What?” Meena asked as she panicked again: “Brenda… or somebody mentioned it out there.”

Chas also looked on with suspicion and spoke with Victoria about what had happened.

Victoria said she got a “feeling” someone was in her house.

Turning her attention to Meena, Chas replied: “I get that feeling when I look at her.”

Just as the episode came to a close, the paperweight fell out of Meena’s handbag.

Could Chas put two and two together and rumble killer Meena once and for all?



Viewers also noticed that Chas had been keeping a watchful eye on Meena, and many took to social media to share their thoughts and theories.

“Chas should be suspicious about Meena’s behaviour about Aisha,” one viewer penned.

Another tweeted: “Chas keeps joining up the dots where mad as a hatter Meena is concerned.”

“You’re slipping Meena,” a third viewer simply wrote.

While another seemed to think David and Victoria are plotting against Meena.

They commented: “I still think that David and Victoria are setting Meena up… I’m sure I read that somewhere.” (sic)

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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