Emmerdale’s Ross makes shocking realisation as he faces his attacker in court

In tonight’s Emmerdale, Ross Barton finally faces his acid attacker in court.

Ross has remained in the dark over the identity of the man that threw acid on his face, but he comes to a shocking realisation.

The innocent victim enters the dock and comes face-to-face with Simon, but will he recognise him as Holly’s old drug dealer and Debbie’s angry customer at the garage?

Ross’ hopes for justice are given a major blow when the judge reveals that a key witness for the prosecution has died.

The witness statement is read out, but Ross fears the whole case will fall apart due to the lack of evidence.

He nervously waits in the viewing gallery with Pete, Faith and Cain, who fears his daughter’s involvement in the attack will be revealed.

Will Ross get justice and see his attacker sent down?

Meanwhile, Graham Foster has an interesting proposition for Megan Macey.

Will she agree to go into business with Joe Tate and Graham?

Elsewhere, Jimmy King is left-red faced after his problems in the bedroom are exposed.

Will Rodney’s young girlfriend Misty be able to sort out his issues.

*Emmerdale airs tonight on ITV at 7pm

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