Endor includes his remix of Madonna in an exclusive chart of his favourite club tracks – The Sun

IN just a few years, Endor has risen through the ranks of the scene to become a champion of the underground and one of the most exciting electronic artists out there.

Best known for his all-conquering Pump It Up – arguably the biggest house record of 2019 and currently sitting at over 75 million streams worldwide – Endor has also released on labels ranging from This Ain’t Bristol and Simma Black to Warner Music and Island Records, making an incredible impact on the scene in a short space of time.

2020 will see plenty of new music from this rising star of the underground scene – including a huge remix of pop titan Madonna included on the below list. So to set us up for what’s sure to be another impressive 12 months in the life of Endor, here’s 10 of his current favourite club cuts.

Aaaron – Feelin This

Set starter, never fails to set the mood. I remember seeing Hot Since 82 play this in his boiler room at Warehouse Project and I think I’ve played it in nearly all of my sets since I discovered it. It was my introduction to a more minimal side of house music and will forever be one of my favourite tracks.

AR38 – The Groove

If you're in need of a prescription of minimal grooves, look no further. Midlands lads AR38 have nailed a really infectious vibe with “The Groove”. It’s out now on my imprint “Doctor Session”, which makes it even better. It was a real pleasure to sign something that nailed the fresh stripped back sound that we’re going for with the label!

Pawsa – Nonstop

Pawsa can’t put a foot wrong. In fact, I think if there’s any artist right now that inspires me the most, it would be Pawsa. “Nonstop” is like the epitome of his economical use of production. Everything is considered and sparing, there’s nothing unnecessary or excessive about his tunes – but still full of personality and substance. A real genius.

Fallon – Yup

I’ve known Fallon personally since I started as a DJ, and he’s part way through an incredible journey from bedroom producer to well respected artist. His new track “Yup”, out on Another Rhythm, is the first piece of the puzzle to Fallon’s recognition at a higher level. The way the track drops is unexpected and refreshing, and always goes off.

Madonna – I don't Search, I find (Endor Remix)

This is a new one from me. I was really lucky to get the call up to remix a Madonna record. The vocals have a lot of character and a “classic” feel, so it was easy to work with. I went for a rolling, bubbling bassline and kept the drums pretty raw. Hope you dig it!

GOLFOS – Feeling Good (JBL Mix)

GOLFOS are the collaborative product of Pawsa and Dennis Cruz. Two of the best in one alias. The energy in this track is so measured and precise, you can’t help but vibe to it. I have to save this one for my cooler sets, but I get so much joy whenever I play it. The way the drums trail away in the breakdown is so clever.

Stan Garac – Never Leave U

This is a big party tune. Plenty of vocal for the sing-a-long gang but still really groovy and a great way to win over a dancefloor – it’s just a vibe that makes people happy. Stan was kind enough to send it to me as an unreleased promo, over five years after he made it. Proof that good music has no shelf life.

Khalifa Cyrus – More Than Me

This is the new tune from my brother Khalifa Cyrus, and I don’t mean that figuratively, he’s my actual brother. Nath got the bug for making tunes a couple of years ago and has since developed a really refined and polished style. He deserves a lot of props for not giving up and for making tunes with a unique identity. It’s been great to watch him develop and I know he’s got a lot more to give.

DJ Protein – Say My Name

I love playing this tune, it’s full of hype. Old school Detroit House from the 2000’s is making a comeback and I reckon pretty soon it’s gunna be the new vogue (bit of intel for ya there). I can’t get enough of the retrograde, VHS feel to this tune. Still sounds so fresh though.


Endor – Pump It Up

My set ender. I don’t mind admitting this track has changed everything for me. I still love playing it, as it represents the culmination of a decade of graft. I don’t see it as the end of a chapter, but the beginning of something new. I genuinely love playing it, so it definitely deserves a mention.


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