Eurovision producer says the UK can win again

The UK had an eventful night at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest (May 12), but not in the way that was hoped for.

It’s been over 20 years since the UK triumphed in the competition, and last night saw singer SuRie try to restore a bit of that fortune.

However, during her performance, she was interrupted by a stage invader, who stole the microphone from her.

Despite carrying on like a true professional, it wasn’t enough to garner the love of Europe, with SuRie and her song Stormearning the UK just 48 points, placing them third from bottom.

If carrying on after a stage invasion still isn’t enough for the UK to win, it might seem like there’s no hope at all, but Eurovision producer Christer Bjorkman insists that the UK can win the competition for the sixth time.

“Absolutely. Of course. Of course the United Kingdom can win,” he told Metro.

“They put a lot of effort into it, especially this year I must say. SuRie s a lovely girl, she has charisma, she’s very talented so let’s hope for a good enough result for the BBC to continue this and not to get disappointed.”

He continued: “What is important is to be consistent. You have to give every new effort at least three or four years to get the audience to recognise your ambition, to recognise your style or whatever. You really need to build trust with your audience.”

“I hope they continue to push to get relevant music into the Eurovision selections. You cannot have one style of music in this competition and another outside.

“It is the same, a hit is a hit and you really need to get that music into the competition that is played on radio, that people download and stream and whatever. We all have to realise that there is no such thing as a Eurovision song.”

So perhaps there is some hope after all. And if Germany can finish fourth, anything is possible.

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