Fans accuse Little People's Audrey Roloff of ‘forcing’ her marriage and making it look ‘unnatural’

LITTLE People, Big World fans are accusing star Audrey Roloff of “forcing” her marriage with husband Jeremy, making it look “unnatural.”

The couple recently released a new book about how to build a “creative love” with your significant other, which followers called them out on, as they’ve only been married for a few years.

To try to show her followers that the book works, Audrey shared a photo of her and Jeremy dancing in the kitchen, as well as a video of the two of them twirling around at their wedding.

Fans called her out on this “fake” photo and the story she shared with it, and the reality star even admitted in the caption that the pic was staged during a photoshoot.

In the caption, Audrey shared that she was tired of waiting for things to happen in their marriage and wanted to be more intentional about making their own “cheesy” moments.

She wrote: “Our first dance song at our wedding was ‘I Don’t Dance’ by Lee Brice. It’s just not Jeremy’s thing 😉

“…This might be one of the only photos of Jeremy and I dancing together. And I’ll be honest… this photo (taken during a family Photoshoot) wasn’t because Jeremy just REALLLLLY wanted to spin me around in the kitchen 😜Not the case. 

“This picture exists because I thought it would be a cute picture at the time… but it wasn’t as natural candied as it looks😬”

Audrey added that that changed a little bit ago, writing: “However, a few weeks ago we danced together by the fire. Just us. My favorite Chris Stapleton song started to play on our Spotify playlist and I couldn’t resist the urge. 

“I grabbed Jer’s arms as he resisted, rolled his eyes and sunk back into his chair… I yanked him to his feet while calling him out on his own line, ‘Babe come onnnnnn…’what kind of love story do you want?’’ 😉

“As we swayed in our living room stepping on each other’s feet, tripping over kid toys, and laughing hysterically. I knew he was embarassed. I decided to straight up call him out on it. ‘You think this is cheesy and so what if it is! No one can even see us.’”

The Little People, Big World star said she realized that she was always scared of being cheesy in their relationship, which kept her from doing and trying things that she always wanted to do.

“Even though I’ve known Jeremy for 11 years, I still get embrassed about what he will think of the new ways I express my love for him,” she wrote. 

“And so does he. But after that night, we realized that it’s usually the things we think will be the cheesiest or that we are the most afraid to try, that end up becoming the most memorable and meaningful.”

Ending the post, she call on her followers: “I DARE YOU👉🏻I have a challenge for you. I dare you to ask your spouse to dance with you in your kitchen tonight. Let me know if you do👇🏻”

Fans on Reddit immediately called her out on the lengthy storytime post.

Many refused to even believe the tale she told, and the ones who did believe it, they thought she was going way overboard on being “intentioal” in her and Jeremy’s marriage.

“Oof. This is rough, who can believe this actually happened bah,” one user wrote.

Another wrote: “Good lord her anecdotes are so cringe worthy like give it a rest audrey!!!”

A third annoyed fan said: ““Also shouldn’t a love story be more natural? Not a bunch of forced events strung together”

Others said this made them want to “barf” and called Audrey “annoying and pretentious,” saying she’s always “trying way too hard.”

“Omg she is the worst. Absolutely nothing in her life with her husband or her children is just for them. It's all a damn show,” one Redditer wrote. “…Just completely performative and unhinged.”

Audrey and Jeremy were previously slammed for releasing their new book all about love and marriage.

Fans blasted the LPBW duo over the new project, claiming they don’t even have any “chemistry” themselves.

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