Former EastEnders star Rita Simons gets brutally honest over Roxy Mitchell's death

Let’s admit it, we all shed more than one tear when Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell were brutally killed off in EastEnders on New Year’s Eve last year.

It just seemed so cruel to have Ronnie drown immediately after marrying her true love Jack Branning and then have Roxy follow as she desperately tried to save her sister.

And it’s not just viewers who feel the injustice – Rita Simons, who played Roxy, has just made it very clear that she really didn’t want to be killed off.

Appearing on The Late Show, Rita was asked how it felt to find out that her character was going to die.

And she pulled absolutely no punches with her response.

“It was a weird one cause I’d been there ten years… I don’t want to say ‘we’ but it is ‘we’ cause me and Sam (Womack, who played Ronnie) pretty much feel the same,” she said.

“I was ready to leave, definitely wasn’t ready to die. So when I was told we were dying – now I’m gonna swear – that was a right f**king kick in the bollocks.”

Rita previously revealed that she’d actually wanted to leave a lot earlier than she did, saying she should have gone six years ago.

“It’s a closed chapter, and one I look back on very fondly,” she said. “I know the way we went wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m very grateful to EastEnders and it was a very important part of my life.

“I’d wanted to go for a good six years before I did, though. You stay there because it’s very comfortable. Unless you’re kicked up the bum, you tend to just cling on. I was gutless. I should have gone, and I didn’t.”

EastEnders airs on BBC One.

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