Foundation Apple TV cast: Who is in the cast?

Foundation is based on the award-winning novel series by Isaac Asimov. The sci-fi Apple TV drama will follow the adventures of a band of exiles who are trying to save humanity and rebuild civilisation. Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Foundation.

Who is in the cast of Foundation?

Hari Seldon – Jared Harris

Hari is the intellectual hero of the Foundation book series and will be played by actor Jared Harris.

Hari developed the ability of psychohistory which allows him to predict future disasters.

Actor Harris is a very recognisable face when it comes to British television, having starred in some of the country’s most popular series.

Some of which are The Crown, Chernobyl, Mad Men and The Expanse to name just a few.

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Brother Day – Lee Pace

Brother Day is the Galactic Emperor and leader of the Cleons, a “long line of emperor clones”.

With Hari predicting what could happen, they start to fear the end of their reign.

Actor Lee Pace is best known for starring as Thranduil the Elvenking in The Hobbit trilogy and Joe MacMillan in AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire.

He has also been in Guardians of the Galaxy, Marmaduke, Pushing Daisies and Lincoln.

Dr Gaal Dornick – Lou Llobell

Gaal is a psychohistorian who will venture to Trantor to become a member of Hari’s Seldon Project.

But how will Gaal be able to help Harri in trying to stop the unthinkable happen and save the human race?

She is going to be portrayed by actress Lou Llobell who is new to the entertainment industry.

So far, she has only been in the film Voyagers as the character Zandie.

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Raych Seldon – Alfred Enoch

Raych is the adopted son of Hari and Dors Venabili in Foundation.

Prior to being welcomed into Harri’s home, Raych was living in the slums of Billibotton.

The English-Brazilian actor can be recognised for playing Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter series.

He was also Wes Gibbins in ABC’s legal drama How to Get Away with Murder.

Other cast members include:

Salvor Hardin – Leah Harvey

Eto Demerzel – Laura Birn

Brother Dusk – Terrence Mann

Brother Dawn – Cassian Bilton

Foundation is released on Friday, September 24, on Apple TV.

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