Fox Just Revived 'Last Man Standing' Which Honestly Makes The Sting Of Losing 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' So Much Worse

In what can only be described as a desperately needed win for upper-middle-class, white men everywhere, Fox has officially revived Last Man Standing.

The series, which centers on a conservative father of three daughters, previously ran for six seasons on ABC. The show’s upcoming seventh season will air during the 2018-19 season.

No doubt, the success of the Roseanne revival lit a fire in the Fox boardroom. Though LMS never killed it in ratings, the show was a steady performer for ABC, averaging 8.1 million viewers in its sixth season. For perspective, if LMS can pull those same numbers for Fox, it will rank as the network’s top sitcom.

Tim Allen, who has publicly speculated ABC canceled LMS due to his own Republican views, released a lengthy statement in wake of the series’ revival.

In heartbreakingly related news, just yesterday Fox also announced it had canceled Last Man on Earth, The Mick, and the beloved, inclusive, gem of a comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Listen, it’s not just that Fox chose to cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine (a comedy which thoughtfully addressed issues of bisexuality, racial profiling, and homophobia) – Fox has a business to run after all, and B99 wasn’t the best performer. It’s that Fox was willing to replace something so pure with something so unimaginative. The network obviously hopes to pander to its demographic – again, I understand it’s a business – but couldn’t they have done so in a way that feels more innovative than resurrecting a dead sitcom?

As Daniel Fienberg tweets, bringing back Last Man Standing just feels lazy. Jake and Rosa and Terry and Captain Holt and the entire Brooklyn precinct deserved better than to be ousted by a guy whose story was already told for six seasons.

As for the future of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we can only hope and pray the show will go the way of The Mindy Project and get picked up by Hulu (or any other streaming service for that matter).


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