Friends' Matt LeBlanc insists Joey Tribbiani was never "dumb"

We should all know by now that Friends isn’t just about friends – it’s about real-world relationships, it’s about people and archetypes. Clichés, even.

So that’s why Matt LeBlanc trying to tell us Joey Tribbiani was not the “dumb” one of the group is like trying to teach Joey basic French.

It’s just not happening, for floop’s sake.

Despite our reluctance to see Joey as anything other than the ‘nice but dim’ one, Matt believes his character has a little more depth to him than that.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Matt reflected on the popularity of Joey and where he was misunderstood. “Joey was that guy everybody wanted to hang out with.

“Girls liked him. Guys liked him,” the actor explained, before adding: “For me, he was never ‘dumb’.”

Offering up a more diplomatic evaluation of his character, Matt said that Joey was rather “always just incorrect – he had his own sort of parallel-universe stream of logic”.

In slightly more relatable Friends news, Matt has also been weighing in on that long-fabled reunion – and it’s bad news, we’re afraid.

Revealing that he doesn’t like the idea of the sitcom having a revival, Matt argued that any kind of return would change the show into something entirely “different”.

“[The series was about] that time prior to [their lives starting] where they were each other’s emotional support system – that’s what that show was about. After that? It’s a different show.”

Still a good one though, we bet.

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