Furious Stephen Bear reveals he's been conned out of £2,500 by scammer who hacked his emails

STEPHEN Bear has been left furious after a hacker scammed him out of £2,500. 

The reality star made the claims in a now-deleted YouTube video, revealing how he’d turned his Twitter and Instagram passwords over to a man who said he’d help Bear regain control of the accounts – before stealing his money. 

In his vlog, Bear rages that he “trusted” someone to help him get his social media back – but they hacked his email and redirected a damage deposit from his recent holiday into their own account. 

Explaining to the camera, he said: “Someone’s hacked my email, and emailed the bloke who was giving me back almost a grand for the Dubai flat deposit and told him to send it to a different account. I rang the bloke up and he said he’d sent it, but when I got the name and email address of where the money went, I recognised the name.”

Bear goes on to explain that he’d paid someone £1,500 to regain control of his Instagram and Twitter accounts after they were hacked – and the name matched the account that had ‘stolen’ his £1,000 deposit. 

He’s later seen on the phone to the bank begging them to “reverse the charge” – which they say they can’t do. 

Dismayed Bear rants to his dad: “That’s not right – I paid this geezer to hack my Instagram and he’s hacked my email and stolen my money!” 

His dad tells him to involve the police “when you go to the police station to pay your bail later” but Bear takes a different route and called the scammer directly. 

The ‘scammer’ agrees to return the money, but adds: “The police can investigate what they want”. 

The video has now been deleted.

Bear was arrested earlier this month over claims he posted a sex video of his ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison online, which he denies.

Days later he released a trailer for a new online reality show called the Life of Bear.

He was also accused of breaking quarantine rules when he shopped at Marks & Spencer the day after arriving back in the UK from Dubai

He said in a recent Youtube video: "It's under investigation. I'm on bail until 2 February. Right now they've got my passport.

"When I arrived on the 15 January I was going to surprise my mum – I had four police officers waiting for me at the airport. They handcuffed me, it was quite embarrassing actually."`

He added: "I got questioned twice. I was in the cell for 14 hours, 15 hours on my birthday.

"While I was in the police cell they have gone into my house, smashed open the door. I've had to get everything fixed – they've busted my front gate too."

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