Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington still thinks about Jon Snow ‘all the time’ – and is gutted he ‘doesn’t have his gang’ – The Sun

GAME of Thrones may have come to an end, but the show is still a huge part of Kit Harington’s life.

The British actor, who played Jon Snow on the HBO fantasy drama, has admitted that his Westeros alter ego is often in his thoughts.

Chatting to E! red carpet host Ryan Seacrest, Kit indulged in a spot of nostalgia as the only member of the show’s cast to receive a Golden Globe nomination, for Best Actor in a TV Drama.

“I think about him all the time,” he confessed.

Reflecting on his favourite part of filming, he added: “It was always just getting into costume the first day back, getting into that outfit and just sort of being back on set, back with him on character. I loved it.

“It’s in retrospect that you start loving it. It does go by fast. Ten years, like that.”

He also admitted that he was missing his co-stars at the A-list bash.

“I haven’t got my gang, it’s odd. I haven’t been to these things without the rest of us around. So I’m a little jealous of the Succession dudes,” he quipped.

Kit and wide Rose Leslie were pictured looking tense as they left the Golden Globes afterparty.

Kit looked dapper in an all-black suit, while Rose stunned in a green Elie Saab dress with emerald earrings.

Suffice to say their earlier high spirits appeared to have faded by the end of the night as both made their way out of the CCA event with stern faces.

Rose held her heels, followed quickly by her husband, who shot a glare at the camera as he passed.

Elsewhere in Game of Thrones news, fans ripped into “missed opportunities” in the Battle of Winterfell siege as the Night King waged his assault on The North.

Meanwhile it emerged that a string of deleted scenes foreshadowed that Arya Stark would be the one to take out the Night King.

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