Gangs of London viewers fume ‘where are the police?!’ as mass shootings completely ignored by authorities – The Sun

FANS of Gangs of London have demanded to know where the police have been in the series.

The brutal show – which has been described as one of the most violent programmes on television – has come under fire for not including the authorities.

Viewers took to Twitter to rant about the 'unrealistic' absence of police in the episodes.

One fan wrote: "The fact that not ONE police officer has been called in this show when there has been at least 16 shootouts leaving hundreds dead. It ain't realistic."

Another commented on social media: "Great series but can’t help thinking that with all these major gun battles going on and dozens dead… where are the police?"

One viewer inquired: "I got one question for viewers of Gangs of London. Where the f*** is the police in any of the episodes?"






Others agreed with: "So the police in Gangs of London, them sleep eh?"

One disheartened viewer commented: "Done with Gangs of London. London police are quite shy in that series."

Another observed: "Gangs of London. The city had no police?"

One viewer was deeply unsatisfied and wrote on Twitter: "This Gangs of London series isn't that great. Feel like I've wasted six hours.

"It's amazing. The police never seem to be called – only three hundred bullets going off."



Director Corin Hardy has teased fans with high hopes for season 2 of the otherwise hit show.

And while the next instalment is yet to be confirmed there are 'big ideas' in store.

The director told Metro Online: "I think there’s lots of things up for grabs and we’ve got a lot of big ideas but obviously it’s up to the crowd watching if there’s another one."

Creator Gareth Evans, previously told viewers: "There’s room for it.

"Without giving too much away, we definitely end the season on a note where people will be wanting more and asking what is happening next.

"I’m treading carefully! It’s sort of a cliff-hanger but as most things it’s a story that takes on a lot of different aspects, there’s a lot of different characters in there, a lot of vested interests, there’s a lot of stray threats trailing in the wind ready to be picked up again."

The critically acclaimed series has captivated audiences with its nine episodes of mystery, gang violence and family drama, with many viewers calling for more.

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