Gemma Collins reveals list of things she needs from next boyfriend – and will get a robot lover if no one fits the bill

GEMMA Collins has revealed the list of duties she expects from her next boyfriend after splitting from James Argent.

The star has explained what the future Mr GC will have to do – andinsisted she'll get herself a robot lover if no-one fits the bill.

Speaking on her BBC podcast, the 39-year-old said she had been "through the mill" with her love life.

Gemma added that she wanted someone to "rub my feet, get me a cup of tea in the morning, tell me they love me, run me a bath, give me a hug before bedtime".

She added: "That's not too much to ask, is it? If you want to be the GC's boyfriend that's all you've gotta do.

"Show me some love. Worst case, if I don't meet anyone, I'll get myself a robot."

What the GC wants

THE star has explained that her prospective man's duties will include:

  • Fetching her cups of tea in the mornings
  • Rubbing her feet and running her baths when she needs
  • Regular 'I love you's
  • Providing hugs before bedtime

Gemma, who was discussing the rise of robots who behave like humans, she said: "I am single.

"I have been quite through the mill when it comes to the love life. I thought if I can't meet anyone soon, I'll go and get a robot."

Gemma and Arg has a very public break-up with Towie star James, 32, last month.

She published texts from him blasting Gemma when she refused to pay for holiday flights – telling pals he'd spent his money on takeaways and surgery.

Private messages between the pair were posted on Gemma's Instagram page, which were soon deleted, that saw Arg branding her a "hippo" and a "fat f**k".

The star has long been hailed for losing weight and is now planning to undergo a boob lift and reduction.

She told listeners: "As you know it's no secret my bust area I'm thinking most definitely around October time is having a breast reduction.

"I have found since losing weight recently that they are really getting in the way.

"Normally I'm very anti-surgery but they are becoming a problem in everyday life.

"I would like to get a bit more weight off before I have the final surgery."

Gemma was recording her podcast this week from Myknonos, where she has been on holiday with former co-star Charlie King.

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