'General Hospital' Recap For Monday, July 16: Michael Marries Nelle Despite Carly's Ferncliff Escape

Monday’s episode of ‘General Hospital’ had wedding bells ringing for Michael and Nelle, despite Carly’s desperate attempt to disrupt the event.

Spoilers had teased that Monday’s episode of General Hospital would be a good one and fans were not let down on that front. Carly escaped Ferncliff in a desperate attempt to stop Michael’s wedding to Nelle and everybody got to see whether she was successful during the July 16 show.

As SheKnows Soaps recaps, all hell broke loose once Carly interrupted the wedding. Sonny asked Chase to simply take her back to Ferncliff, but he explained that he couldn’t since someone had already called the police about the situation. As all of this chaos played out, Carly hollered about Nelle having had an accomplice, and Jason and Sonny went with Carly and Chase as they left.

It didn’t take Bobbie long to figure out that Ava was responsible for the call to the police and Ava soon nudged the bride and groom to move ahead with their nuptials. Unfortunately, Nelle had some sudden pain and Lucas suggested that she be taken to General Hospital to be checked out. After they left, Brad defended his friend to others who were still hanging around and Josslyn sorted through some confused thoughts about the situation as she talked with Oscar.

Griffin and Ava had an interesting chat, as he questioned how distant she’s seemed from him and also pondered whether she might be the accomplice that Carly shouted about. Ava noted that there were other more important issues for them to concern themselves with rather than Carly, and General Hospital spoilers from TV Source Magazine hint at more drama involving Griffin, Kiki, and the Bensch situation later in the week.

After Nelle was checked out and deemed to be fine, she told Michael that she wanted to move forward with the wedding. He beckoned Ned and the two went ahead and tied the knot. Once the chaos subsided, Chase connected with Nelle and needled the bride about her groom leaving her alone on their wedding night.

Nelle insisted that all was well, but she soon overheard Josslyn telling Michael about the kiss she saw between Nelle and Chase before the wedding. Michael insisted that he’s got a handle on things and that this wasn’t a concern to him. General Hospital spoilers hint that this could lead Nelle to make changes to her plans as she picks up on things seeming not quite right with her new husband’s attitude.

Sonny and Carly talked for a few moments at the PCPD about how devastating it was losing Morgan and she said she cannot lose another son. Sonny worried about how much more difficult it’ll be now to get her released from Ferncliff and he considered trying to use his connections to help. Soon Jordan let them know that she needed Carly to head back to Ferncliff.

There were some awkward moments involving Drew and Sam as Mike asked how they met, and Sam told Drew that she had no regrets about what they shared with one another. Brad connected with Lucas and told him that things are moving along with the adoption plan, noting that the expectant mother passed her most recent tests.

Jason and Sonny talked about the Carly situation and she tried to intimidate Rupert the orderly as she settled back in at Ferncliff. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Tuesday’s show will shift the focus back to Peter again and it sounds as if Nina and Obrecht will soon be exposed as others piece things together on what they’ve been doing.

What comes next for Michael and Nelle? There is definitely more on the way and spoilers hint that General Hospital fans have a lot to look forward to over the course of the next few episodes.

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