'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nina's Furious With Ava And Spencer's Arguing With Valentin

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital will have plenty of action packed into it, according to the latest spoilers. Kiki and Griffin quickly figured out that Ava had set up the scenario in Sasha’s hotel room and the fallout from this mess continues into the November 21 show. In addition, viewers will see Spencer and Valentin butting heads with one another, and this could get interesting.

The preview for Wednesday’s show reveals that Nina will quickly get the lowdown on what Ava did in drugging Sasha and she will waste no time in handling the situation. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that Nina will explode when she catches up to Ava and she’ll warn that Ava had better not ever try something like that with her daughter again.

Viewers know that there’s a history of animosity between Spencer and Valentin given all that went down when Valentin first showed up in Port Charles. Now, it seems that some of this will bubble over again during Wednesday’s episode. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the two will start arguing, and something Valentin says will sound like a threat to Spencer.

However, before these two can push one another’s buttons any further, Sasha will apparently show up and interrupt. Will viewers get to learn more about the scam that Sasha and Valentin are running together? General Hospital spoilers haven’t dished out any details on that front yet, but obviously more information will emerge soon.

Wednesday’s show also brings some big “JaSam” moments, as Soap Central shares that Jason will stop by to visit Sam. It doesn’t look like the two will hit the sheets romantically yet. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that it may momentarily seem that way, and a full-fledged reunion may be coming quite soon.

Alexis will try to lend her support to Oscar, hoping he won’t spend Thanksgiving alone, and he has a lot to think about as Kim and Drew continue to struggle over how to support him. In addition, Cameron may be on the verge of admitting to Josslyn how strongly he feels for her. Wednesday’s episode will also show Sonny wanting to spend some time with Kristina, and Laura is going to have some tough moments with “Kevin.”

Much of the Thanksgiving holiday festivities will carry over into next Monday’s episode given that there are no new shows airing on Thursday or Friday of this week. General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s a lot of great stuff on the way and fans are anxious to see what comes next.

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