'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: The Wedding Progresses, Emotions Run High, And Bad News Is On The Horizon

‘General Hospital’ spoilers for the week of July 16 hint at big developments as chaos rattles many throughout Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 16 tease that viewers have a lot to look forward to as chaos wreaks havoc throughout Port Charles. As everybody saw on Friday, Carly escaped Ferncliff and interrupted Michael and Nelle’s wedding. Where do things head next?

SheKnows Soaps indicates that Michael will feel torn, as Carly will beg him not to marry Nelle. Things will be chaotic and according to TV Source Magazine, Nelle will end up having pains that lead to a trip to General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that she’ll soon be cleared of any medical worries and she’ll make it clear she still wants to marry Michael. From the sounds of things, these two will tie the knot.

Chase will make another play to lure Nelle away from the allure of a Quartermaine marriage, but his pleas will not change her mind. Josslyn saw the two of them kissing ahead of the ceremony, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will tell Michael what she saw.

Nelle overhears this conversation, and it seems that Michael won’t get too flustered by the revelation. This lack of a reaction on her groom’s part will leave Nelle feeling rattled and later in the week she’ll be looking for help from Chase.

Peter is still being held captive, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Valentin will finally piece together enough to get a sense of what’s been happening. Maxie will also apparently sense that something is off and viewers will see an emotional Obrecht. Nina will face some accusations, but she’ll do her best to avoid admitting anything, and it seems that yet another obstacle arises later in the week on this front.

Ava is going to be trying to resolve some of the issues popping up in Port Charles and General Hospital spoilers detail that Carly will have to face the aftermath of her scheme that left Nurse Mary Pat sedated. Teasers also suggest that there’s more on the way regarding the mystery patient next to Carly’s room and this patient is said to have a familiar face.

General Hospital spoilers also hint that there’s bad news on the way that Diane will have to deliver and Drew will take the first step in building a new life for himself. There will be a glimpse of Elizabeth and Franco this week as she encourages him in making a decision and Liz will also continue to support Kiki in her complicated Bensch situation.

There’s drama involving Julian and Sonny on the way and General Hospital spoilers note that Sonny will be in over his head in the coming days. It sounds as if viewers will see Drew and Margaux cross paths, and given the chemistry that actors Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson shared as Billy Abbott and Chloe Mitchell on Young and Restless, fans may want to be prepared for the sparks to fly again.

Can Michael and Chase really fool Nelle with their plan? Just who is in the room next to Carly at Ferncliff and when will Peter finally be freed from Obrecht’s grasp? General Hospital spoilers share that the week of July 16 will be a wild one and viewers will not want to miss these next few episodes.

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