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With an amazing new facelift, the new Sun Mobile app allows you to follow your favourite topics and build your very own app.



Updated round the clock, it's packed full of pictures, videos, and breaking news and showbiz exclusives you really can't find anywhere else.

So if you're after the news that always drives the conversation of the nation, the showbiz scoops that will shock you and your friends, all the goings on in football from the clubs to the players to the fans, and the juiciest real life or lifestyle features, look no further.

And even more exciting new features will be following soon.

Key Features:

All the latest UK and international news – the shocking, the funny, the tragic and the need to know.

Dan Wootton's Bizarre – for all the gossip on your favourite celebs, the stories behind your favourite TV shows and soaps plus second-to-none behind the scenes access.

Money – the best deals and advice for you and your family. We put the good stuff within reach.

Fabulous magazine – all the hottest trends in fashion and beauty, and the most eye-popping real life stories.

Football – the best columnists in Alan Shearer and Ian Wright, plus unmissable live coverage of your favourite players and clubs.

Dear Deidre – the nation’s number one agony aunt is on hand to answer your questions about life and love.

We're always the first, the fastest, the most fearless and the most fun.

The Sun Mobile – The Sun and then some…


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