'Gilmore Girls': 3 Mind Numbingly Annoying Continuity Errors

Gilmore Girls showrunner, Amy Sherman-Palladino, put a lot of work into each script for the series. Not only were the scripts significantly longer than scripts for an average show, but she expected the actors to be word-perfect. While Sherman-Palladino was a stickler for dialogue, she didn’t pay close attention to her storylines. Gilmore Girls fans have been quick to point out some serious continuity issues. Some, they argue, are more annoying than others.

Lorelai Gilmore didn’t seem to know how many rooms the Dragonfly Inn had

Lorelai Gilmore and Sookie St. James’ dream of opening an inn together was established early in Gilmore Girls. Lorelai attended business classes, and she and Sookie even went to a continuing education course on the subject. In season 4, they make that dream come true—most of the season centers around the process of renovating and opening the Dragonfly Inn. Since the business was such a big part of the storyline, you’d think details about it would be concrete. Still, there is a continuity error.

The number of rooms that the Dragonfly Inn had changed more than once. Fans note that the keyholder at the front desk has 16 keys, suggesting there are 16 rooms at the Dragonfly. Before opening the business, Lorelai remarks that there is low water pressure in several rooms, including room 15. But wait, at least once, Lorelai suggested that the Dragonfly has 10 rooms. She also said an outside cottage was room 12. So, exactly how many rooms are available for rent? No one is sure. The continuity error still irritates fans.

Did Jess Mariano’s father walk off when Jess was a baby or when he was a teen?

Gilmore Girls fans either love Jess Mariano, or they hate him. Regardless of their feelings about the character, all fans are confused about his origin story. Sherman-Palladino established that Jess was Luke Danes’ nephew from New York before he even arrived in town. That fact never wavered. Things get a little strange when you look into his parental situation, though. 

Reddit fans point out that Luke tells Lorelai Jess’ father, Jimmy Mariano, ran off when Jess was a teen and that he was having a hard time with it. Later, after Jess arrives, it’s revealed that his father left when he was a baby and that his mother, Liz Danes, had been married several times after divorcing Jimmy. Later, when Jimmy arrives in Stars Hollow, Jess has no idea who he is. It would seem that Sherman-Palladino decided to stick with the story that Jimmy left when Jess was a baby. Still, it’s confusing.

Was Dean Forrester’s mom named Barbara or May?

Dean Forrester, Rory Gilmore’s first boyfriend, had seriously absentee parents. The duo, who were married as of season 5, didn’t seem to get involved in much. Fans never saw them in Stars Hollow, and they pawned Clara, Dean’s little sister, off on him fairly regularly. Even though fans never saw them, Dean did reveal his parents’ names. His mother’s name, however, seemed to change.

Early on, Dean tells Rory that his mother works part-time, and his father installs car stereos. Her name, however, wasn’t revealed until season 4. In a season 4 episode, it is revealed that Dean’s mother is named Barbara. Later, after Dean’s marriage to Lindsay Lister implodes after he cheats on her, Rory meets him at his house. At that point, Rory calls his mother, May. So, is her name Barbara or May? 

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