GMB Kyiv reporter walks off to seek cover live on air as Garraway urges Get to safety

GMB: Richard Gaisford puts on protective equipment during report

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Richard Gaisford is one of many presenters reporting from Kyiv this week to give ITV viewers live news coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Richard has been reporting from Ukraine’s capital for both Good Morning Britain and Lorraine. However, Richard’s news report was interrupted on Friday when the air raid sirens began to sound across the city.

Richard began by explaining to Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway that he could hear thumps from where he was standing.

He told them the threat level from Russia had increased overnight and the situation was getting worse.

137 people have died and 316 have been wounded as a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Richard said he couldn’t feel the effects of the explosions happening to the west of Ukraine, but he could hear it.

“As we talk the air raid siren is going off here in Kyiv,” he said. “It’s coming as a regular pattern now, just letting the population know that there is a threat and where they can to take shelter if necessary.

“And obviously to make an assessment for themselves.”

Kate went on to air her concern for Richard’s safety, she replied: “Richard when we hear those air raid sirens, I know our viewers worry for you – are you safe?

“Should you be running to take shelter? What precautions have you taken?”

“Yeah, we have taken quite a number of precautions,” Richard continued. “I don’t want to go too deeply into them but we have got our…in fact it’s just being passed to me now.

“Our personal protective equipment to put on, I can put that on. We also have vests, should the need arise.”

Richard continued to put his helmet and safety equipment on as he attempted to finish his broadcast.

“It is a tricky time for many in the city who don’t have this kind of equipment to hand and as I look out now, there are still people in the street and walking their dogs, trying to lead a normal life,” the reporter added.

Before Richard could continue, Kate interrupted: “We’re going to let you get to safety Richard and we’ll come back.”

The reporter was flustered and walked off the screen as he replied: “Let me get myself, let me get… sure, okay.”

Later on in the programme, Richard, who was dressed in a bulletproof vest and helmet, was back to give viewers an update.

Despite reassuring everyone he was safe, GMB fans expressed their concern for Richard, with many urging him to come home.

Taking to social media, Tony penned: “Come on GMB! No one wants to see Richard and the crew get hurt for the sake of a report! Surely there’s a safer location to report from than high up on a bombing target???” (sic)

Ellie pleaded: “Get him out of there! Why do you need to put people in a warzone? He looked scared putting that helmet on.”

“You stay safe @richardgaisford we are sending you our best wishes and hopefully a safe return to the UK,” Paul added.

While Victoria tweeted: “@richardgaisford you need to come home!!! Why are you reporting in the middle of it all? So so horrifying what is happening in #Ukraine.” (sic)

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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