GMB’s Piers Morgan promises to strip to his undies for ‘crazy’ post-Covid party

Piers Morgan has said he's going to have a party without his pants after the Covid pandemic comes to an end – and he wants rock band Kiss to headline it.

The host and his co-star Susanna Reid spoke to Kiss frontman Gene Simmons on Monday's episode of Good Morning Britain.

Gene, 71, spoke of the New Year's Eve concert he and his tongue wagging bandmates had performed in Dubai, explaining how some of the fireworks had been bigger "than third world countries".

And Piers was keen to experience the show himself, saying: "Pant on, pants off, I don't care, we're going crazy post-pandemic.

"We're having a party and I can't think of a better headline act for my back garden than you lot."

The conversation started with Gene talking about Kiss's farewell tour, and how he was excited to get back on the road.

"We're just going out there to show these little boy bands how to do it," he said.

"We're going to have more fun than you can have with your pants on. I have more fun than the Pope."

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Piers cut in saying: "Well, you can actually take your pants off for the gig I've got in mind, because I'm going to have the mother of all post-pandemic parties down at my place in Sussex.

"I've got a big garden and I want kiss as my act, I want you guys flying in."

He said: "Pants on, pants off, I don't care, we're going crazy."

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Susanna quickly said: "Just keep your masks on!"

But Piers reminded her: "Post-pandemic! We're having a party.

"I can't think of a better headline act for my back garden than you lot."

On Twitter, someone pleaded: "Please don't Piers we have had enough shock and upset as late!"

During the chat, Gene spoke of his hopes for the future, speaking very positively about the way things were going.

He slammed those not following the rules, including people not wearing face masks.

And it's safe to say GMB fans were loving his straight-forward attitude.

One tweeted: "Could we get Gene Simmons to host GMB instead?"

Another wrote: "It takes Gene Simmons to tell it as it is, nice one sir."

A third said: "Gene Simmons = Legend."

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