'God Friended Me': Why Cara's Move Is the "Ultimate Test" for Her Relationship with Miles

Fans of God Friended Me have been waiting for Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) and Cara (Violett Beane) to fall in love. Their romantic relationship started, but the finale left the couple off in a hard situation.

Why is Cara’s move the ultimate test for their relationship? Here is everything you need to know.

Season 1 ended with Cara moving to Paris

The finale left off with Cara and Miles having to go their separate ways. Cara is offered to spend six months with Simon (Adam Goldberg), Henry, and Pria (Parminder Nagra) in Paris to write a book about Simon’s technology and Henry’s predictive analytics code.

When the two say goodbye it seems like Miles is ready to tell her how he feels about her, but she stops him. It’s tough to call whether the couple will still be together after six months.

Miles and Cara first hesitated to get together because they work together

It took a while for Miles and Cara to acknowledge their feelings for each other. That’s because they were working together on figuring out who is behind the God account.

“I think and something I talked to Bryan [Wynbrandt] and Steven [Lilien], the show creators, is that like often times when people are friends they don’t know how to take the next step,” Violett Beane told The Cheat Sheet. “Or they worry if they do it could end their friendship, which is an honest reaction and a scary thought because their lives are so intertwined.”

However, they aren’t just friends, they work together. “It’s the same when people who work together at an office,” added Beane. “They don’t wanna take the next step because they still have to see each other so I think it’s partially that and just they’re put on such crazy journeys so to figure it out together is interesting.”

They have since decided to move forward with their relationship anyways, but Cara makes the decision to move for a reason.

Violett Beane said the move is the ultimate test for their relationship

The actress talked about her character’s big decision in the finale. She talked about what the outcome could mean for the couple.

“I think that her leaving is going to be the ultimate test of if they can survive something like that and if they can, then they’re going to come out stronger for it,” Beane told TV Insider. “And if they can’t, maybe it was a good test in the beginning rather than going all the way down the road and then realizing.”

Another added twist was that a new character is sent Miles through the God account. It’s unknown how the woman will come into play.

Beane also gave her thoughts on the twist. The actress said, “The creators of our show won’t tell us anything about what they’re planning with that, but I am really excited as an actor in the show to see what their plan is for her. But it’s a crazy cliffhanger, and when I first read it in the table read when we all got together, my mind was blown.”

God Friended Me fans will probably find out if the move makes or breaks Cara and Miles’ relationship in Season 2. It has yet to be announced when the new season will premiere.

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