Gordon Ramsay gags as he tastes 'smelliest fruit in the world' in new US cooking show

GORDON Ramsey had a massive shock when he tasted the 'smelliest fruit in the world' while filming his new US cooking show.

During an episode of his American TV series, UnCharted, the chef, 53, decided to take a bite out of a Sumatrian Durian – and he was less than impressed with what it tasted like.

The food fanatic posted a clip of his experience to his Instagram story yesterday evening with the caption: "My least favourite food tmrw on UnCharted on @natgeochannel"

The durian comes from several tree species belonging to genus Durio and give off an awful smell their genes are focused on pumping out odors.

With only 30 recognised Durio species, only nine are safe to eat, but there are over 400 named varieties are dotted around Thailand and Malaysia.

In the video he sniffed the fruit and he sighed to himself "Oh my god" as he put his fingers over his nose to stop himself from inhaling the ghastly smell.

A lady went on to explain to him: "It's different this is a Sumatrian Durian. It's different, this is the best."

Wary of what he was about to try, Gordon asked: "So they don't smell?"

She started to cut up the fruit and confirmed: "They smell!"

Gordon was left shocked as she started to cut up a piece for him to try and he shouted: "It looks like a human brain!"

He then tried to keep the piece of fruit down and managed to successfully swallow it.

But this isn't the first time Gordon's got himself into a bit of a pickle on his new show.

He was also forced to use his wok for a makeshift hat as rain drenched his outdoor kitchen while in Indonisia.

The 53-year-old wanted to whip up a feast for one of the country's top officials, yet didn't take into account the changeable weather.

Gordon was joined by a fellow chef in traditional dress as they stirred woks preparing a rendang – a spicy Indonesian dish usually made with beef.

Yet as the heavens opened all he could do was keep calm, carry on and laugh.

Scenes for his National Geographic show, released on the F Word chef's Instagram page, saw him giggling as he said: "I'm not rushing this rendang though rain is stopping play here."

His Indonesian chef colleague seemed a little more sceptical and quizzed: "Well? What should I do?"

Gordon insisted: "We can't stop, the governor is coming for dinner!

"My mum said a little bit of rain never hurt."

They bravely continued, yet it is unclear how the dish turned out.

Alongside the video, Gordon posted in his caption: "Like the post office, I cook no matter the weather on #Uncharted!

"This Sunday on @natgeochannel I’m headed to #Indonesia and all it’s beauty Gx."

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