Gotham season 5: Bruce Wayne's new costume hints he's closer to becoming Batman

Gotham has one more season to go, and it looks like they’re building towards Bruce Wayne becoming the Dark Knight.

A set picture sees actor David Mazouz in action, wearing a new and upgraded armour-plated costume, which shares early resemblance to the Batsuit.

Executive producer John Stephens recently said that viewers will see Bruce “go all the way” in the journey to becoming Batman.

“We are gonna get to see him make the final steps, you know? We are not gonna leave anything on the table or whatever the phrase is,” he said.

“We’re gonna put it all on the table, take it off of the table, yeah. I mean, there are not going to be any steps for Bruce Wayne to take to becoming Batman that don’t get taken this season.

“We’re gonna see him go all the way.”

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Meanwhile, Mazouz confirmed that the show will be saying the word “Batman” at some point in the new season.

He explained: “Throughout the show we’ve been having little teases of these iconic things but now, in season five, we really get to show them and show their full force and show them in their entirety and not have to tease them anymore but actually say the words ‘Batman’.”

Fans also got their first glimpse at iconic DC villain Bane recently.

Gotham airs on FOX in the US and E4 in the UK, where seasons 1-4 are also available on demand via Netflix.

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