'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Are Freaking Out Over This 1 Move By Patrick Dempsey Ahead of His TV Comeback

Patrick Dempsey has sent Grey’s Anatomy fans into a frenzy. It has been a few years since Dempsey’s character, Derek Shepherd, was killed off on the medical drama, but there remains a lot of love between him and his former co-star, Kate Walsh. Taking to Twitter, Dempsey recently complimented one of Walsh’s photos, a move that left Grey’s Anatomy fans freaking out.

Inside Derek and Addison’s romance on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Dempsey played the part of Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomyuntil the series killed him off in 2015. Although many fans knew that Dempsey’stime on the show had come to an end, his character’s death still came as a bigshock.

Walsh, meanwhile, played Dempsey’s first wife on the hit medicalshow named Dr. Addison Montgomery. In 2007, Walsh starred in her own Grey’sAnatomy spin-off, Private Practice, that ran until 2013.

A few years ago, Dempsey opened up about his relationship withWalsh and revealed that they always got along great on the set of Grey’sAnatomy.

“Kate’s fun, and her comic timing is amazing,” he explained.“This was fun just to be playful and to make each other laugh.”

After his exit, Dempsey has taken his acting career to the bigscreens. One of his more memorable roles was in Bridget Jones’ Baby.Walsh has remained in television and recently appeared in 13 Reasons Whyas Olivia Baker.

Why did Dempsey leave ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Grey’s Anatomy fans were very heartbroken when McDreamy was killed off. But for Dempsey, his departure from the series was a long time coming.

Following his exit, Dempsey admitted that he probably should have bowed out a few years before creator Shonda Rhimes ended his character’s journey. He also revealed that he left the show on good terms with Rhimes, who issued a heartfelt statement after his departure.

Even still, many fans criticized how Rhimes handled Dempsey’sdecision to walk away from the show. In particular, most viewers did not likehow Rhimes did not make any room for Dempsey to return down the road.

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But as far as his Grey’s Anatomy co-stars are concerned,killing off Derek was the best way to end his story. In fact, Ellen Pompeolater revealed that she thought Rhimes did Derek’s story justice by killing himoff. She also believes that fans would not have been able to let him gootherwise.

“If the character is still alive, then the audience cannever let go of that character and then they always want them to come back.Knowing that he did 11 amazing seasons and was ready to move on, you can’t havethat. You can’t have his character be a bad guy and leave his family,” shestated.

Dempsey prepares for bit TV comeback

While Dempsey has taken on a few roles on the big screens sincehis departure from Grey’s Anatomy, he is set to return to the world oftelevision in the near future.

According to Yahoo,Dempsey is set to play an important role in CBS’s political drama Ways &Means, which is from executive producer Ed Redlich (Without a Trace).Dempsey is playing the part of a member in Congress who has lost his faith inthe system and is secretly working for the other side.

This will mark Dempsey’s first full-time role since his exit fromGrey’s Anatomy in 2015. He enjoyed a brief cameo on The Truth Aboutthe Harry Quebert Affair in 2018.

It should be noted that CBS has only ordered a pilot for Ways& Means, so a first season is not guaranteed at this point. Butconsidering Redlich’s former work and the fact that Dempsey is on board, we areconfident that the network will give it a green light.

Dempsey gushes over Walsh

While viewers around the world wait for Dempsey’s big return totelevision, the actor recently sent Instagram into a frenzy after sharing acomment on one of Walsh’s photos.

Walsh shared a photo of herself promoting a line of carfresheners from Boyfriend Perfume. Not one to miss out on an opportunity tocompliment his former co-star, Dempsey assured Walsh that she looks as stunningas ever.

“Looking radiant my lady,” he posted.

Fans went into a meltdown after seeing the comment, and it ispretty evident that Dempsey and Walsh have remained good friends over theyears. In response to his comment, Walsh replied, “I LAVA u,” whichwas the perfect reaction.

Dempsey has not commented on his return to television, but wecannot wait to see him on his new show.

In the meantime, new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy airThursday nights on ABC.

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