Guardians of the Galaxy's James Gunn slams extreme Star Wars fans as toxic: "Go to therapy!"

Despite the Star Wars films literally being about the perils of giving in to your anger, a subset of fans have fallen to the dark side and try to justify sending abuse to the (usually female) stars – and don’t even get us started on the male-only fan edit or petitions to remake The Last Jedi.

The revelation that Jar-Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best considered suicide because the backlash against his character was so huge caused Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn to speak out against those extreme fans.

Gunn tweeted: “Star Wars (or any movie) may be important to you, but it doesn’t belong to you.

“If your self-esteem depends on how good you think the current Star Wars is, or your childhood is ruined because you don’t like something in a movie, GO TO THERAPY.

“Critique it. Don’t like it. But spewing hate and bile at individuals just doing their best to tell a story, even if the story sucks, is lame. Don’t watch it!”

While Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran have left social media over the abuse (let’s not mince words here), The Last Jedi‘s director Rian Johnson is treating the more ridiculous tweets with the amount of sarcasm they deserve.

Despite the relative underperformance of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Disney is still planning plenty more films in the franchise. If that bothers you, maybe it’s time to draw a line.

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