Halloween's Danny McBride recalls seeing Michael Myers on set for the first time

Movie villains don’t come much scarier than Michael Myers, so it’s no wonder that Danny McBride got spooked by him.

Having co-written the script for the new entry to the Halloween franchise, McBride got quite a fright when he first saw stuntman-actor James Jude Courtney on set dressed as masked killer Michael Myers.

“That day, they were testing the mask [with] James for the very first time,” McBride told Entertainment Weekly.

“They weren’t even shooting with him. They had brought the mask onto set and were doing lighting tests inside the house. We creeped in early to see that… and there he was at the end of the hallway, just sort of lit from a little bit of light coming in from a bedroom shining on the Shape standing at the end of this hallway, just looking at us.

“We were all like, ‘That’s incredible! I don’t want to go back there. I know what happens when you go back there!'”

Don’t worry, Danny, that’s how everyone reacts!

In fact, director David Gordon Green’s “brutal” new movie used a specific technique in order to get as much of McBride’s humour and emotion into the script.

“We’re really trying to honour [John] Carpenter’s vision,” the filmmaker revealed. “Danny said a really smart thing: ‘Until there’s killings, there’s no jokes. Let’s not give anybody anything to laugh at until we’ve scared them shitless’.”

If the last ten films in the series are anything to go by then we’re sure there’ll be more than enough scares to go around.

Halloween will be released on October 19.

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