Harlem Globetrotters Help James Corden Shock Unsuspecting Pizza Delivery Customers

One uncomfortable moment leads to a huge missed opportunity for a dismissive father, while another customer gets the worst “prize” ever!

There are three people who are not going to enjoy watching back James Corden’s latest game of "Mystery Pizza" on "The Late Late Show" Tuesday night.

The game itself is simple enough. James partners up with a real pizza delivery company and joins a driver on their deliveries. He then offers the customers a choice when they open the door. Take their pizza or choose to open the mystery box, which may contain a prize greater or worse than their pizza.

For one family, it was jaws dropped as soon as their young son opened the door. And then the night turned into a party after they agreed to play the game and were treated to an impromptu living room performance by the Harlem Globetrotters.

Even better, the family had a basketball hoop in the driveway, so the Globetrotters were able to show off some of their skils there. And this prize couldn’t have gone to a better winner, as this was the only full family on the show, and their little ones were just having a ball.

Another apartment got a Medieval celebration in their living room, complete with two knights sword-fighting. Once again, it was the reactions that sold it.

But it wasn’t all fun and games for the "winners," as the very first customers who opted to play the game were treated instead with a Jell-O pizza.

After James encouraged them to try it, he asked how it was. "It’s not good," came the speedy response. To make matters worse, he and the driver proceeded to eat their pizza in front of them, and when one of the women asked if she could have a bite, James shut her down hard.

"No, you opened the box. See you later," he said as they hurried off.

Even that was nothing compared to the father who just shut James down immediately. When he asked if he wanted to play the game, the man — whose identity was blurred and thus not approved for air — said, "Unfortunately, it’s a little late for this little one." He then added in a very pithy and dismissive tone, "But that’s really cool."

In the yard, James opened the box to see what the guy would have won. Inside was a giant dollar sign. "He was gonna win a lot of money. That’s the irony," James said with a laugh. "We were gonna fire cash all over his house. Oh well. You win some, you lose some."

While it didn’t look as if the man even knew who James was, and therefore probably won’t even see his auspicious television appearance, we imagine someone in his life will clue him in. That’s going to be an awkward moment.

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