Henry Winkler Cameos in Election-Themed Parody of 'Happy Days'

To celebrate Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential race, James Corden and the staff of The Late Late Show staged an election-themed parody of the Happy Days opening on Monday night. While Corden, his writers, stage crew, and house bandleader Reggie Watts danced around the set in Uncle Sam attire, they were joined over video chat by Happy Days star Henry Winkler, who dispensed some necessary reality onto Corden.

“Can we hold the music for a second?” he said. “I just want to chime in and say that while most of the news networks have called the election for Biden, Trump has not yet conceded. So we have to just take it down a notch. I’m all for happy days, let’s not get carried away.”

He also reminded Corden — and his audience –—that two Senate seats are currently up for grabs in Georgia’s runoff election, giving Democrats the chance to seize control of the congressional branch.

“And remember, Trump is going to be in office for the next 71 days, so we’ve got to be very vigilant,” Winkler concluded. Corden agreed, and with that, Winkler threw on his Fonzie aviator shades and allowed the Happy Days party to carry on.

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