Here's how Mr Miyagi appears in the new Karate Kid sequel

Fans of the original Karate Kid movie are probably reeling at the thought of its reboot not featuring the wisdom of Mr Miyagi – but they needn’t, as he will appear in the new series.

The sequel of sorts, which will be called Cobra Kai, has figured out a way to include the magic of Mr Miyagi in the upcoming YouTube series even though Pat Morita is no longer with us.

Stressing the importance of Morita’s character, Ralph Macchio told The Hollywood Reporter: “We didn’t want the human element of the show to get lost, and that human element really stems from Mr Miyagi.”

“We’re not here without Pat Morita’s performance in that film. The heart and soul of the Karate Kid universe are the teachings of Mr Miyagi,” he added.

So, how is Cobra Kai planning to incorporate Mr Miyagi in the series as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence come head-to-head on the karate mat once more?

Executive producer Jon Hurwitz explained that Pat Morita will be involved thanks to the magic of modern technology: “We were able to find some interesting angles and interesting shots.

“[Even] if you’re really familiar with Karate Kid, you’re going to see things from 1984 that you’ve never seen before. You will see Pat onscreen.

“We still have a treasure trove from the movies, all of the dailies and everything. It’s an interesting look back.”

Fortunately, there’s not too long to wait until we get to see the beloved karate master once more, as Cobra Kai will premiere on YouTube Red on May 2.

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