His Dark Materials writer shoots down fan theory about Golden Monkey's real name

BBC'S His Dark Materials writer Jack Thorne has shot down a fan theory about Golden Monkey's real name.

Thorne was quick to air his views after die-hard viewers believed they had solved the mystery surrounding Mrs Coulter’s (Ruth Wilson) daemon.

After watching the fifth episode of the second series of the BBC's adaptation of Philip Pullma's fantastical world, fans believed the monkey's name was revealed on the subtitles.

Those who watched the episode called The Scholar, with subtitles on, noticed that during a fight between Mrs Coulter’s daemon and Lyra’s daemon Pan, the golden monkey was often referred to as Ozymandias.

But Thorne quickly went on Twitter and stated: "In the books and all the scripts the Golden Monkey is called the Golden Monkey.

"I'm one of those insane writers who puts all names in capitals (a daft practice) so actually it's the GOLDEN MONKEY.

"We never refer to him by anything else. #HisDarkMaterials".

But one persistent fan insisted: "(We’re secretly pointing this out to you and your woodpecker daemon. In ep.5, it says ‘Ozymandias‘ as the subtitles. Can you change this, or was this deliberate?)"

To which Thorne responded: "It wasn't deliberate, on our part at least.

"I think it was just someone having some fun in subtitling and I love subtitles so I'm all good with it."

But the name has been used before during a BBC radio adaptation of His Dark Materials, but Pullman later revealed he disliked the choice of name.

He said: “It was a silly name, and if I’d had the chance, I would have vetoed it.”

The hotly-anticipated adaptation of Philip Pullman’s bestselling trilogy His Dark Materials is currently airing on BBC One.

With an all star cast including James Mcavoy, Dafne Keen and Ann-Marie Duff, it covers the events of the novel Northern Lights.

His Dark Materials continues on Sunday at 8.10pm on BBC One.

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