Holby City spoilers: Jac and Kian enjoy steamy romp as tense argument over Max takes raunchy turn – The Sun

Holby City is coming back to our screens tonight and viewers will be eager to see what will happen in the aftermath of Zav's death.

Since show star Rosie Marcel posted a photo of her character Jac Naylor and Kian Madani getting intimate, fans have been eager see romance blossom between the two.

She ruffled feathers as she captioned the steamy photo: "Is it? Could it really be? Are they? Aren't they? I think they are….. Or do I!!!"

Since Jac saved Kian after his cliff edge fall, the two have been getting increasingly close.

Who knows what the new series will bring for the two colleagues?

However, not all fans will be pleased by this lusty change in their relationship – many had been calling for  Jac and Fletch to pair up instead.

Meanwhile, Guy is still trying to keep his relationship with Max a sworn secret, but Ric is getting suspicious.

Keen to protect Max, he spills information to her about Guy's drinking problem, but of course, she already knows.

Meanwhile, Max is planning on making big changes to the hospital, and the future of Darwin Ward is cast into uncertainty.

Jac and Kian initially fight about the news, but then turn to each other for solace… and a little bit more than that.

Speaking about Guy's comeback plot, John told Inside Soap: "I've really enjoyed the writing for Guy in these new episodes, and it's pretty 'out there' towards the end – quite dangerous and dramatic stuff."

Fans of the series were left reeling as Zav Duval was killed in the biggest twist of the year.

He had just discovered Cameron’s murderous secret and was about to out him before being killed in a traffic accident.

The summer episodes have a lot more in store.

Nic Jackman, who plays Cameron has suggested his murderous ways may not be over.

When asked about the show in a Q&A with Digital Spy, Nic said: "I've got a good feeling there's more death that Cameron may be involved with."

Holby City will be back on air on Tuesday, June 2 after its six-week break due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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