Holly Willoughby red-faced after ‘bra’ blunder live on This Morning ‘Oh no!’

This Morning: Holly Willoughby suffers text blunder live on air

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On Thursday’s This Morning, Holly Willoughby left her co-star Phillip Schofield in stitches after she accidentally sent the wrong text message to a friend during the advert break. After the duo welcomed viewers back to the ITV show, poor Holly was left mortified by the blunder.

The mum-of-two had tried to organise getting a new barbecue when she sent the dreaded text message.

However, she quickly realised she had made a mistake with the wording when they were live on TV.

“To the person that I have just sent a text message very quickly in the break,” the host began.

“Where I was about to say, ‘I need a new one’ and sent it and thought, ‘Oh I’ve just got away with that with five seconds until we’re back on air.'”

She continued: “And then I looked down at it and one has been replaced with bra.

“I said, ‘I need a new bra’. I don’t need a new bra, I need a new one. I completely apologise.”

Phillip went on to ask his co-star what the “one” was.

She explained she needed a new barbecue, not a new bra, which left Phillip stunned.

“A barbecue?” He asked. “In January? It is a guy I am assuming.”

“Yep,” Holly replied looking mortified about what she had done.

“The guy you asked for a barbecue is going to think, ‘I’ve got to source her a bra now.'”

Holly screeched: “And I haven’t got time to correct it.”

Winding his pal up, even more, Phillip said: “If he comes back and says, ‘Charcoal or gas?'”

“Is that a colour option?” Holly laughed as Phillip asked: “Has he replied?”

As Holly said no, her friend replied back to her text message.

The 40-year-old put her head in her hands as she read out his message.

“‘Oh no, ‘Thanks for letting us know but I’m not sure this is meant for us.'”

Viewers found the segment hilarious, and many took to social media to share their delight.

Garry penned: “How was that funny, typical Holly and Phil!”

User: @Cud said: “You SOO need to do a feature now about embarrassing texts/typing fails people have sent! That would be so funny!” (sic)

While Holly added: “Gotta love that. Brilliant! Even better that it was while Holly was on TV.”

“Omg @hollywills you cracked me up,” Trish commented as Jade said: “Sorry but Holly has just made my day.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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