Holly Willoughby 'wets herself' laughing as Josie Gibson milks a horse in bizarre This Morning segment

THIS Morning's Holly Willoughby admitted 'wetting herself' in the middle of a laughing fit with co-host Phillip Schofield.

Holly, 40, and Phillip, 58, were filming what should've been a 10-second promo for Tuesday's show after they'd wrapped filming on Monday.

Phillip shared the footage of the pair attempting to film the promo on today's and revealed they don't always know what is going to come up on the teleprompter.

And what was coming was the preview to a bizarre segment that would see Josie Gibson milk a horse on live television.

Holly had the first line to read of the promo and pulled it off without a hitch: "Line of Duty's Vicky McClure joins us to give us a clue about who the fourth member of 'H' might be."

Phillip began reading: "Josie Gibson will milk a horse…." he trailed off before laughing in shock.

"Please tell me this isn't real."

The pair were in absolute hysterics and attempted to film the promo a few more times but could not get through without laughing.

"I've actually wet myself," Holly said as she wiped tears from me.

"It's coming out of my eyes… my ears are ringing."

"Do you want to answer it?" Phillip joked.

It got so impossible to keep a straight face while trying to read her lines, that Holly banished Phillip to the sofa.

After a few more takes, the popular presenters managed to finish filming.

"It took us eight minutes for a 10 second promo," Phillip told This Morning viewers, who found the outtakes hilarious.

"Gotta love Holly & Phil," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "Milking a horse seen everything."

The segment in question saw Josie Gibson visit a farm in Somerset which cultivates mare's milk, and are hoping horse milk catches on.

Josie not only milked the mare live on telly but also took a sip of the unique drink.

"Bottoms up," Phillip told her.

She listened as farmer Frank Shellard listed the health benefits of horse milk and told the hosts the milk tasted like "sweet coconut milk".

Phillip was supposed to try some of the milk live himself but someone accidentally tipped the horse milk out.

"But someone is on a bicycle bringing some to the studio and should be here by about 12," he said.

Viewers were divided on whether horse milk was "weird" or "no different" to cow's milk.

But one fan pointed out that coronavirus restrictions had kept the horse from being filmed by the hosts in the This Morning studio.

"Pre-Covid that horse would have been in the studio and Holly and Phil would have been doing the milking. Can you imagine?! Robbed of tv gold today," wrote the Twitter user.


Holly and Phil could not stop laughing throughout today's episode about the horse milk.

Phil thought his milk was turning up soon, but was a bit early in his timings to which Holly said: "Someone's clock watching to get their horse's milk."

She told him he would hate it, and it would "smell of horse" as producers kept playing horse sound effects.

The pair cracked up laughing again and struggled to finish their segment.

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