Hollyoaks scene decision stopped Toby and Celeste’s identities being exposed

Hollyoaks fans were reeling this week when they learned Mitchell Deveraux was secretly a triplet, and that Celeste and Toby were his siblings.

Viewers had been led to believe that his mum Martine had given away child, with it confirmed last year that Mitchell had a long-lost twin.

He only learned the truth this week, when Toby exposed his mother Martine and revealed his true identity.

But what Mitchell didn't realise at the time, and what fans were not told until transmission, was that he wasn't just a twin, but a triplet.

Mitchell had a secret sister too, with it soon confirmed Toby's "wife" was in fact their sibling.

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Speaking exclusively to Mirror Online about the major twist on the Channel 4 soap, Martine actress Kelle Bryan revealed all.

She explained why, despite Celeste and Toby moving to the village a few months back, she didn't realise either of them were her long-lost children.

In fact it was a deliberate move by the show, with fans maybe realising now something about previous scenes.

Kelle confessed: "Having Toby and Celeste in the village has never really fazed Martine until now.

"She never really got close enough to them, and that was a decision we made.

"If Martine had ever looked at them properly face-to-face, I felt she would have recognised them, so we made the integral decision that Martine never interacted with them too much until the reveal became a part of our lives."

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She also discussed Martine's huge secret, and her hopes that the triplets and the family could unite.

Kelle said: "I think the Deverauxs are all about family and togetherness, even though they're dysfunctional like most families are.

"For Martine this is a dream come true, she's been pining after her children secretly for years and she's never been able to express that, or put a lid on her actual feelings.

"All she wants is everyone back together."

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6:30pm on Channel 4, with the next episode at 7pm on E4.

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