How does Beat the Chasers’ Super Offer work?

HIT ITV show, Beat the Chasers, returns for a fourth series, this time with all six chasers. 

The next series of the Chase spin-off is said to be the toughest one yet. To keep the contestants on their toes, there’s an added new round titled the Super Offer with an even larger prize fund.   

What is the Super Offer on Beat the Chasers?

Contestants will have the chance to win more money than ever before if they accept the challenge of the Super Offer.

But there’s a catch. Contestants will have to face all six chasers in a fixed 60-second battle to answer the most questions, without a time extension. 

Mark Labbett, Anne Hegerty and Shaun Wallace are among the original Chasers.

Meanwhile Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan and the newest member of the team, Darragh Ennis, will also need to beaten to claim the grand prize.

How does a Super Offer work?

A contestant can choose to take up the Super Offer if they answer all five of the multiple-choice questions right in the Cashbuilder round. 

If a contestant excels through the Cashbuilder questions, the Super Offer is the chance to push themselves further than ever before and potentially win hundreds of thousands of pounds.  

It will be one versus six as the challenger must beat all of the Chasers at once with no help from time extensions – a test truly for the brainiest of competitors.

Has anyone ever won the Super Offer before?

As a new feature on the show, no contestants has won the Super Offer, but a handful of quiz-whizzes have beat the chasers. 

EastEnders star, Shaun Williamson is still the biggest winner on the celebrity version of the show after he beat all five chasers and won £120,000 for his chosen charity.

Meanwhile, retired teacher Jean Banford and quiz-king Nigel Painter both won the maximum £100,000 jackpot after beating all five chasers. 

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